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  1. My AJACK 4X90 Low Turret
  2. Help with mounting scope on K98 Was this ever intended for a K98
  3. SS POLIZEI P. KOHLER and more...
  4. Double claw (?)
  5. Question regarding the reticle adjustment of the ZF41.1
  6. Need help with Emil Busch scope
  7. Dismantling a ZF39 Zeiss to fit into closed scope rings
  8. need instruction on how to adjust windage on a ww2 waffen franconia scope
  9. Advice on Zf.41/1 cxn 191123
  10. Sauer high turret sniper
  11. New picture of a spanish 98 sniper rifle
  12. Ww 11 german night scope ??
  13. K98k snipers with the double set triggers
  14. AC43 G.41 trials sniper rifle
  15. SS DC (SEM) Dialytan
  16. unknown german WWI scope ??
  17. SC bmj scope HELP!!
  18. Russian Tula PEM sniper
  19. LSR Posen Stock?
  20. Louisville Show of Shows!
  21. Post war?
  22. Fake SS ZF-41 rifle
  23. Fake Sauer High Turret with Ajax Scope
  24. How much would a decent scoped Nazi 98k run me?
  25. Low Turret Scope
  26. Scout Scope type K98 mount
  27. K98k Repro ZF39
  28. byf45 High Turret
  29. LSR with bands
  30. BYF 44 ? Sniper Rifle with matching scope mounts...wow!
  31. DKL scope SOS find for Sauer High Turret
  32. zeroing in the zf41 scope
  33. Help with value of 2 scopes please.
  34. Low Turret Numbering Questions
  35. Unknown Scope Rings
  36. Low Turret Scope Value
  37. Early BMJ Low Turret Scope
  38. Fake or not LSR scope can
  39. Sauer Low Turret Sniper
  40. blc scope SN ? Dave Roberts?
  41. BYF44 i-Block HT with Zielvier BLC
  42. K98 sniper accuracy
  43. Hensoldt Wetzlar Dialytan 4x, adjustments and information?
  44. Sling for ZF39 can ?
  45. old ring removal
  46. ZF 41 testing telescope
  47. vaughn99
  48. problem with dial meter
  49. Question about the scope - zielvier
  50. Where can I get ZF-39 lens covers?
  51. Carl Zeiss scope question
  52. Bek on ebay
  53. zf41 Scope/Mount/Can
  54. Is this a k98 scope
  55. Low turret mount questions
  56. A bunch of 2nd ww scoops for sale on Egun ...
  57. Old Scope Ajack?
  58. DOW Scope Covers
  59. High turret and single claw scope cans
  60. Just a Side Show
  61. SS Single Rune SSZZA2 Double Claw Sniper
  62. History of SSR Mount
  63. High Turret Turd
  64. Ajack Scope Question
  65. dow+ scope info
  66. Zf41
  67. Is this a real German WWII Sniper Scope!?!?
  68. Hensoldt Dialytan post war reticle variations
  69. ZF41, now with pics!
  70. Sornet Wetzlar scope focus ring stuck
  71. BCD/AR Dual Code ZF-41 Sniper
  72. Opinons Please Regarding this Sniper
  73. Need help with Zeiss Zielvier disassembly
  74. Turdett alert
  75. Marking question of a turret mount K98
  76. Oberndorf turret sniper
  77. Commercial/post-war ZF39 question
  78. Help with reproduction scopes
  79. looking for S.N. 41606 High Turret scope and rings to complete mi original sniper
  80. Serial Number Database
  81. ZF39? Or FAKE? Please, write your opinion.
  82. LSR Turd Alert
  83. The 39th Turret Mount ever made
  84. Mauser Action Yugoslavian M/69 Sniper Rifle
  85. Dave pulls another rabbit (scope) out of the hat
  86. Robert Spielauer
  87. 4mrlrrp's CE 43 LSR
  88. Looking for Single Claw Sniper #163-H
  89. Dialytan Timewarp
  90. Field Armorer Build K-98???
  91. M1903 Unertl USMC Sniper
  92. zf41 can for discussion
  93. Help me PLEASE
  94. ZF39 scope can legit ?
  95. Excellent Zf site
  96. Can anyone tell me what this scope is?
  97. P. Köhler Police SSR scope
  98. Is this Zf41 mount real ?
  99. British Sniper Scope Rig - for which rifle?
  100. Looking for HT s/n 30263L
  101. Looking for byf44 S/N 23310 high turret sniper
  102. Mauser Oberndorf byf 44 High Turret i Block all Matching Sniper
  103. Zeiss GZ 4X rifle scope
  104. Early SS Police Short Side Rail Rig find!
  105. Fake Sniper Rifles
  106. repro bek Hensoldt Dialytan repair...help
  107. Mitchell Mauser ZF41 K98k "sniper"
  108. ZF4 scope box
  109. M/1941 Swede Sniper
  110. Mauser Mm410B and Ziess Zielklein Scope
  111. GEW 98 stock, bases, bolt, from local gunsmith SN 4680
  112. LSR Scope for Rifle 3920W
  113. Zf4 Repair
  114. Sauer LSR now DBA as a deer slayer.
  115. real ? or memorex ? hi-turret scope.
  116. K98 High Turret sniper rifle
  117. Sniper rifle questions
  118. ZF4 Pictures
  119. German Sniper Scope Rubber Eye Cup
  120. In the mean while on Ebay .... fake ZF39 and HT montage
  121. Deer Gun which might have once been a K98 SSR
  122. Czech SS(?) Double Claw sniper - SWP 45
  123. restored BNZ4 SS Double Claw sniper
  124. Interesting photo on Ebay
  125. low turret sniper - looking for critique
  126. Advice on a sporter to mock sniper project.
  127. Ajack Low Turret Scope
  128. bmj
  129. muzzle stuff ...
  130. Kriegsmodell Karibiner 98k??
  131. bnz 44 Single Claw Sniper d Block all Matching
  132. WaA214 proofed K.43 rig
  133. Repo K98 sniper trouble
  134. Ajack 4x90 mounts
  135. A different set up
  136. GERMAN Model 98k Mauser SNIPER bolt-action rifle # 8777g (8x57mm) made by Steyr-Daiml
  137. BNZ Single Claw 98k Sniper
  139. Post war parts scope on simpson ltd
  140. Dow zf39
  141. SS Diestglas Short Side Rail Scope and Case
  142. Accessories for the Zeiss Zielsechs
  143. Picture of a g43 sniper rifle
  144. Pictures of the different types of short side rail mounts
  145. Three sisters
  146. What type of sights are these?
  147. anyone have a bcd marked SS double claw? need one photo
  148. Opinions on this SS Dienstglas Scope Please
  149. Scope Can is Fake and Over Priced Beware
  150. Help deciding on a K98 Scope mount....
  151. Installing modern scope on K98?
  152. BYF44 zf41
  153. Pic Rail on '98 Action
  154. bmj single claw scope and can
  155. cnx ZF41 scope with duv mount
  156. Zf41 shopping
  157. Dave did it again
  158. 1916 Aldis Scope - Focus Ring Screw & Elevation Dial Screw
  159. K98k turret scope "bmj" 4x
  160. K98 Original Turret Scope Mounts (high or low)
  161. Turd alert!!!!!!!
  162. Elm stock byf43 zf41
  163. Possible single claw with unknown scope
  164. More crap from my meger collection (PE Side Mount)
  165. Sniper Rifles and Show of Shows
  166. PU Snipers
  167. 1942 Izhevsk (Factory #74 PEM Side Mount Sniper)
  168. PE Tula Top Mount
  169. PEM Top Mount (Factory #349)
  170. German Sniper and Gewehrgranatgerät Manuals
  171. BMJ scopes on turret mount
  172. Low Cost Shooter Sniper Build Recommendations
  173. Byf44 L
  174. DOV + riflescope
  175. K98 zf4
  176. EBRA 4X scope and rifle
  177. CE44 HT Repro
  178. Data Request - Mauser Low and High Turret Platforms, ZF41
  179. ar42 zf41 Finally figured how to post pictures
  180. Image request - any matching mauser oberndorf zf41
  181. Zf4 scope can...copy or real?
  182. first mauser ar 42 zf41
  183. Nomenclature for bmj scopes - 2, 3, or 4 piece?
  184. Gustloff LSR Serials Needed
  185. K-98 ex sniper sporter rescue before and after
  186. Sniper scope and four scope cans, authentication help please!
  187. Scope removal
  188. Zeiss Zielvier 4x scope - reticle needed
  189. JP Sauer High Turret Sniper
  190. Anyone repair scopes?
  191. Scope eyecup authentication please
  192. ZF41 can - repaint or original
  193. 10x80 Flak Binos
  194. Ajack scope mounts
  195. K98k Newb needs help with ID on Lovec scope mounts!
  196. high turret
  197. zeis jena zeilvier windage adjustment
  198. Kahles Minion 2 1/2X how old?
  199. Sniper Solbuch
  200. Odd SS Scope or Fake?
  201. Book Credits Request
  202. My 98 ZF41 Mount match
  203. DOW+ with focal adjustment
  204. ZF41 can
  205. Information on a Scope
  206. Weihrauch connection with LSR scope base
  207. Replica German Ebra 6x Rifle scope, or smoething else?
  208. Help with old German Scopes please.
  209. Fake ZF41 rifle on gunbroker
  210. Types of 8 mm ammo used by snipers ???
  211. Help needed on SSR mount please
  212. AJACK SS ID please
  213. what was once a legit LSR
  214. Ar 42 zf41
  215. WTB; late war K98k Kriegsmodell High Turret sniper
  216. M/41 sniper rifle
  217. Elkslayer! (and deer, I hope).
  218. Is this a world war 1 sniper scope?
  219. Early HT bmj reissued
  220. Hi turret screws
  221. A Very Lucky Female Kurdish Sniper
  222. Mauser K98k Sniper sells for $12,100
  223. Scope and HT base help please
  224. G-43 ZF-4 wood scope box on GB real or fake??
  225. Dialytan Scope with markings on objective - pre or post war
  226. SS Conversion Short Side Rail
  227. Final credits request for Volume II - Getting down to the wire
  228. Byf 44 HT
  229. Byf44 hand stamped High Turret
  230. 91/30 turd alert
  231. LSR Original or False?
  232. the two sisters bmj
  233. late ajack
  234. Reproduction scope value
  235. Zastava arak on-2 7.62x32 sniper scope ? Used on what sniper ?
  236. I'll just leave these photos here.....what an epic pair.
  237. Help Identifying Hensoldt Wetzlar Dialytan Scope
  238. Info on Elevation dial and focus adjuster for Zeiss Zielvier ?
  239. Strange ZF4 mount
  240. Fake dienstglas
  241. Optics
  242. zf41 sniper scope case
  243. Zeiss Zielvier - Jena Factory Disassembly Instructions For Gunsmiths ?
  244. Odd markings on leather scope case : fake?
  245. Ar42 Zf-41 question.
  246. ZF4 Kurz P
  247. Zeiss Zielklein And Zielvier Disassembly Disassembly And Service
  248. Very cloudy zf41
  249. Looking for period K98 Scope
  250. ZF39 scope can-good or bad?