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  1. M.40 Heer camo handpainted, named
  2. Tunics....
  3. 6th Mountain Div question?
  4. price on K98 ammo pouches and original German Canteen
  5. Camo helmet Normandy ?
  6. Ziess 6x30 dienstglas with/waffenampt
  7. Flak-F. 10x80 cased w/mail home address & capture papers
  8. Steyr M95 S question
  9. Mosin Nagant M91 Finn Captur Price check.
  10. Cloth Bayo Frogs
  11. Element Specific Gear
  12. My DD Marine-Kustenpolizei M-35 Helmet
  13. Hey Bruce! A great investment
  14. German 5 cm Mortar
  15. My 1918/1920 Luger P08 Enjoy
  16. Newest piece: CCC in silver (alongside death card)
  17. Does anybody know what these are and what they might be worth?
  18. M40 KIA Helmet
  19. SVT40's Muzzle Break Variations
  20. How to perserve an k98 sling?
  21. M.40 H SD whitewash winter camo
  22. SS collar tabs - anyone know cloth items well?
  23. Pictures from our local museum
  24. Nazi dagger questions
  25. Repro. Heer Belt Buckle
  26. better pic's of poilice grouping.
  27. My father, Helmut Grebe
  28. K98 patronen(question)
  29. Pannwitz Cossacks 1942-1945
  30. dow 6x30's with 1942 dow marked strap..
  31. Type I (b) MP44 Pouch
  32. Gewehr 98 Sling
  33. Sundays double whammy..
  34. "Tropical" helmets, bluse, etc.
  35. My modest S84/98 collection
  36. Tropical Breeches, Shorts, and Headgear...
  37. Training grenade or repop paperweight?
  38. Waftardation
  39. German color film footage
  40. M.42 no decal chickenwire bail helmet
  41. Weekend garage sale finds
  42. Opinions on k98k(?) action cover
  43. Restoration of a German Camouflage Helmet
  44. HJ/DJ knife question
  45. Luft Cannon Ammo Box, 13mm
  46. Who are these guys?
  47. Dog tag info needed
  48. State Service flag
  49. Another attic find(1500 round ammo crate)
  50. Tales of the gun Mauser(you tube film)
  51. destroyed MP mm
  52. M42 single decal helmet pricing.
  53. MP40 Luftwaffe Pouch Set
  54. Early Wehrmacht?
  55. Collar tab or group ID
  56. WWII German Field Phones
  57. Blc u-boot glass
  58. Got some collectors ammunition today(Orange k98 tracers)
  59. M.42 Heer SD wire wrap
  60. Anybody got K98k ammunition(then let,s see it)tracers/ball/steel/brass/
  61. Only for the grenade experts(question)
  62. Luft swords
  63. Ebay Selling Guns Now??
  64. K98k Bayonet find today
  65. Gewehrgranatgerät für K98
  66. German issue helmet net instructions
  67. US Testing of German WW2 Helmets June 1944
  68. Luftschutz helmet
  69. Capture Piles
  70. Wire Wrap Helmet, story to follow
  71. Artillery officers field blouse
  72. German P38,and bajonet found in Lake(last summer)
  73. BEADED M35 D.D. POLICE. Named
  74. Pawn Stars/Craig Gottleib
  75. Luftwaffe heatable inserted sole
  76. Late war helmets
  77. Why Vid Censors XRFacts at Gunboards?
  78. SS Helmet With Chicken Wire Fake?
  79. german markings on helmet liner.. need help !
  80. Luftwaffe foot locker and...
  81. M44 luftschutz gladiator brush painted
  82. Luft Swords
  83. The strangest thing I have seen on Gunbroker
  84. SS officers cap/Fake?
  85. Need Help Identifying Originality of SS Items
  86. Price check(MG 41 DAK box)?
  87. A good guy prevails at WAF
  88. Price check(Two MG 42 drum magazines)?
  89. MG ammo boxes(late)
  90. Nazi grave robbers stealing medals, equipment and BODY PARTS to sell
  91. Magnifying glass and base
  92. Comparison of German 40mm Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade and That of a Japanese 40mm AT Rifl
  93. 1943 Training Film: Know Your Enemy
  94. M42 ND Helmet
  95. My purchase from the great white north... M35 d.d. & e.m. Jack boots..+ a story
  96. neat re-enactment pics from another forum
  97. barrel covers?
  98. cleaning kit question
  99. HJ Luftschutz Warndienst helmet
  100. M35 re-issue repaint re-decaled. Named.
  101. Boxed German PAB badges (holy smokes)
  102. A very rare German helmet
  103. M.35 reissue, repaint, named (another one)
  104. M40 Q SS "the killer"
  105. m40 s.d. cammo/overpaint with innertube witness mark
  106. Helmet Grouping - Set of Three
  107. Luftwaffe 2nd model dagger question
  108. M35 Luft SD, ET68
  109. SS Militaria subject matter expert?
  110. m35 d.d. police NS maker named.
  111. Fire police helmet
  112. Luft shotguns
  113. Flags, medals,and edge weapons from Veteran
  114. Normandy camo Twins
  115. helmet strap
  116. Vehicle flag?
  117. Our visit to the largest German bunker complex in Denmark
  118. Waffentechnisches Unterrichtsbuch from KZ armory
  119. Seriously?
  120. luft head gear. early lid late visor..
  121. Camo on the commercial
  122. Is this a WW-I or a WW-II uniform jacket?
  123. Luftwaffe pilot spared the lives of B-17 crew
  124. Black bakelite ex patronen 8,57 (Question)
  125. Mg34/42 ammo can(opinions)
  126. German U-boat museum sold on Ebay
  127. new lid.. M35 s.d. K.M. named.
  128. Sgt. Shultz Lives!
  129. Legit camo lid?
  130. Late Christmas Present.
  131. BIG BLUE Q. m35dd luft size 68 shell..
  132. secret bunkers in switzerland
  133. Thingy with WaA280
  134. ajack scopes expert needed
  135. Helmet liner question...
  136. Single Decal M18 Question
  137. M40 with odd decal
  138. Winterschlacht Im Osten "Frozen Meat" Medal
  139. Hitler Youth Knife find!
  140. NAZI flags/banners
  141. What are some reputable dealers to buy from?
  142. Swb
  143. Eagles
  144. Airwar over Denmark!
  145. Draeger gas masks
  146. History Channel - Mauser Tales of the Gun
  147. Opinions on Black Wound Badge
  148. what does a 1945 dated gas mask canister look like?
  149. Did the German's reissue?
  150. allentown haul..
  151. What type of case is this?
  152. My Single Decal M35 camo,your thoughts?
  153. Helmet stand recommendation
  154. 44 dated gas mask canister with 42 dated mask
  155. another M35 d.d. rough overpaint w/named liner.
  156. My M40 Luft Camo
  157. German helmet lot numbers 1935-1945 ongoing research
  158. Instructions to troops on how to destroy weapons prior to capture
  159. Grandpa's knife
  160. Nutty Jap. dogtag
  161. Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943
  162. U.S. War Department Technical Manual TM-E 30-451: Handbook on German Military Forces
  163. The disarmament and disbandment of the german armed forces
  164. The hero in a kilt who tackled a Panzer division on his own!
  165. German Infantryman Interview on serving in the War
  166. Heer m-35 rough paint awsome!
  167. Dagger collection
  168. Heer sport shirt...no cut out
  169. Polizei m-40
  170. Frank B collection German stuff
  171. Erkennungsmarke - real or not?
  172. EM 0,9 mR
  173. German Soldier 8MM films - mostly untainted by typical propaganda
  174. Previously Unpublished German War Photo's - Russian Campaign
  175. Wehrpass blank, Reichsgesetzblatt 1936
  176. mix lot, helmet bajo airgun
  177. another factory or depot rebuilt m35
  178. Graveyard in Canada, containing all our german POWs.
  179. Operation Haudegen - The last German Soldiers to Surrender
  180. M.35 Luftwaffe "tropical" camo
  181. Fernglas 08 vs. Feldglas 08
  182. Power of Music Induced a German Sniper to Surrender
  183. Tunisia Color Pics LIFE Magazine
  184. German armaments factory film footage
  185. Yellow/Mediterranean ? M40
  186. FAKE! Normandy camo helmets
  187. New Tv mini series(Unsere Mutter,Unsere Vater)
  188. Mediterranean 2 tone greenish M40 Luft
  189. Finland WW2
  190. Camo booklet 10/29/1942
  191. M35 SE66 DD reissue
  192. The TM-E's Enemy Training Manuals
  193. Re-enact show Silkeborg 2013
  194. M.40 Lw. wire strand Q66
  195. German War Doctrine of the Stablized Front
  196. Going Back to Normandy....
  197. Mittens value
  198. K98 Bayonet
  199. TM-E9-803 Kübelwagen 6/6/44
  200. Pickelhaube with his original cover
  201. K98 black rubber muzzle cover?
  202. Binoculars from yard sale
  203. RG 34 question(late war?)
  204. A master gauge for Auszieherring
  205. Hensoldt BMJ 10x50 & 7x56 w/cases
  206. Normandy Trip 2013
  207. Minty Cased Iron Crosses First Class
  208. Can you "read" this medal bar?
  209. Highest Decorated German's - WWII
  210. One of the other addictions
  211. German do tag translation help.
  212. Thoughts on Luftschutz Medic Helmet
  213. Helmet, M.42 Heer ex whitewash, wire helmet
  214. 98K sling Codes
  215. Gurtfüller 34 (price check,and question)
  216. Questionable Camos
  217. Anybody got any german ww2 funiture(then lets see it)
  218. two nice M42 s.d. helmets. one heer or KM.
  219. Question:g33/40 front sight hood
  220. Anybody own Fliegerstahlhelms Type I and II?
  221. Need research help on 6th Mountain Div
  222. German green/tan camos ?
  223. luftwaffe hand carved presentation plate
  224. Good color Army reel: Defeated Germans in Czech.
  225. Questionable SS Helmets
  226. Messerschmidt bf 109 crash landed at airshow in Denmark
  227. German or spanish helmet
  228. M.40 Luft wire helmet; opinions?
  229. Der Deutschen Mutter Award
  230. m40 Q rough paint with schrapnal damage..
  231. M42 nd hpk maker. with tarnets hooks installed.
  232. German Armaments and Field Works Technical Intelligence Summary Number 144
  233. Tie-Ring
  234. Whats it worth..?
  235. M30 Drilling
  236. M.35 Lw. tan spot camo
  237. Canteen
  238. Blc coded 8x60 commander glass w/case
  239. NSKK Dagger
  240. 2nd. pattern blc coded 8x60 Commander Glas
  241. last weekends find:2mdl. para knife
  242. first helmet, M40 Luftwaffe SD
  243. SS stamp- legit ?
  244. It simply must be real, it's so expensive
  245. DDAY and Germany Trip, 56k DEATH
  246. 1941 germen medical box, opinions requested
  247. RC ammo pouch
  248. What is this? Help identifying ordinance
  249. Love these old manuals
  250. Is this German helmet legit?