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09-05-2010, 12:48 AM
I came across a 37' dated Luftwaffe EM/NCO belt and buckle today for cheap and to my surprise the belt and leather tab on the buckle is unit marked. The unit markings read "Ln.Sch.Vers. Abt. 7 Fl.Komp."

I tried to figure out what the abbreviations ment and this is what I came up with "Luftnachrichten Schule Versuchs Abteilung 7 Flieger Kompanie" is this correct? Im wondering if anybody could shed light on what the markings point to..just trying to connect some history to the set.

Peter U
09-05-2010, 01:51 AM
Hello THunter,

"I came up with "Luftnachrichten Schule Versuchs Abteilung 7 Flieger Kompanie" is this correct?"
- Yes, it is.
Luftnachrichten units were the Luftwaffe's radarunits, so the belt & buckle were issued by a radar trainings unit; most equipement was of course issued by training units, simply because most soldiers would start their service with one.
Some more information about the Luftnachrichten units:



09-05-2010, 03:18 PM

Thank you for the clarification. So to my understanding this belt and buckle was issused to the recruit when he enrolled in a Luftwaffe radar training school. Would this type of training only train the recruit in costal radar equipment or equipment such found in a luftwaffe bomber?

Is there any significance to the "7 Fl." abbreviation? Could there be a chance that the recruit was a radar operator for a LW field division? Did all LW signals recruits go trough the same training?

Peter U
09-05-2010, 04:10 PM
Hi THunter,

The #7 has nothing to do with the 7th Flieger (airborne) division.

Luftnachrichten training units usually trained personel for static radar - and aircraft spotting stations.
I have to add this:
- That he started his service with a radar training unit doesn't mean that he served with an actif radar station, he could have been transfered to every branch of the Luftwaffe; one can find soldiers with Ln serialnumbers in all types of units even the Waffen SS.
When the demand for soldiers for frontline service got higher and higher, soldiers that were for some reason in the early stages of the war declared not fit enough to serve in actif combat units were, specially in the later stages of the war, transfered to combat formations or allowed to volunteer for actif frontline service.

But what we see is the name of a basic training unit for static radar station personel, so one can asume that the soldier that was issued this belt was fit enough to enter military service but for some reason not seen fit enough (age, glasses, an illness,...etc) to be enlisted in an actif fighting unit.

I hope this helps,

09-05-2010, 09:21 PM

Thank you for this information this is exactly what I was looking to find out. :thumbsup: