View Full Version : German Air Force Manual?

11-01-2014, 05:51 PM
My lack of ability to read German leaves me depending on others to understand the significance, value, market interest of this book re the Third Reich Luftwaffe. The remarkable content filled with diagrams, photos, instruction etc all point to this being a "handbook" for multiple references. I can send photos of content to anyone interested.

jhv 41
11-01-2014, 06:29 PM

A nice original is worth upwards of $200 in excellent condition. Check this site out for info on the content.


Nice find by the way - I'd hold on to it awhile as it will continue to go up in value but you would need to store it properly in humidity controlled environment to protect against further deterioration.



11-07-2014, 05:30 PM
It's not a "manual", it is a pocket calender for 1944.
These are neat items, I've got 4 or 5 different - Lw, Km u. SS.