View Full Version : Repro High Turret bases - not all are equal

07-24-2011, 02:49 PM
I recently put this high turret back together. Previously it has a set of Roberts high turret bases/rings on it, but the rifle has a so/so bore and pinged markings, is a dot44, and generally people didn't like it. So, I pulled the nice bases off and picked up a set of bases from Vulch to put it back together on a cheaper scale (Vulch was admittedly unsure of the origin of these, I suspect Ukrainian as I've heard the French ones are OK). I never really had any bases other than Roberts, so I was interested in seeing another makers attempt at making them.

Moral of the story, spend the money and get the higher quality mounts from Robert if you are making a repro. If my intent was to make an accurate shooting sniper these mounts just wouldn't cut it. The fit and finish is very sloppy compared to Roberts- it's very likely they would have a hard time holding zero. The front spring that holds the front ring in the turret is very short- I imagine if I shot it with live ammo it might jump out, it just seems flimsy (unlike Roberts which are VERY NICE AND TIGHT). Don't laugh at the screws, i had to hand make them to fit, and basically just epoxied the bases on.

Anyway, I've very pleased with this low budget sniper, thanks Vulch. It will be a reeanctors dream come true fielding this one, and it looks quite nice with the Zeiss scope! Maybe a sunshade to make it look more military, but thats just more money.

07-24-2011, 05:45 PM
To add to Mike:

I bought the set - bases, rings, screws, and a decent genuine Zielvier from a friend in Holland. He was unsure of the origins of the bases and rings too, as he bought them second hand at an arms fair in Belgium. He too had them epoxied to his rifle (as I am sure Mike found!)

I originally bought the lot to possibly use the rings and the Zielvier on my genuine HT sniper until I could find/afford a real set, and because it seemed Robert had stopped making sets. I had listed the bases for sale on here, as I simply did not need them. I also found, later, very much to my chagrin, that these rings simply will NOT fit a genuine base! So, if you want to rescope a genuine HT, do NOT buy the Ukrainian repros!!!!!!

Well, luck shone my way and even before I imported the rifle, I had obtained a genuine cad scope and a set of Roberts WONDERFUL rings, so traded/sold this lot off to Mike. And since all this, I have bought a completely original Ajack scope in it's original rings...

So, in the end, we is all happy :biggrin1: