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Mike Venturino
08-27-2011, 08:42 PM
Here are a few photos of the K98k/Zf41 as requested on another thread. The rifle is an ar42 and shown in Backbone of the Wehrmacht Part II.

This first photo is my favorite of that rifle. Unfortunately, the MG42 and G33/40 don't belong to me. (I do have a G33/40 but its not as nice as that one.)


When I got the above rifle the scope turned out to be so cloudy that it was impossible to see through. So the rifle sat unused in my vault for several years. Then I discovered that Numrich was selling reproduction Zf41 scopes. I bought one. It wouldn't fit in the original mounts. Then I discovered that Accumounts makes reproduction mounts so I bought those too.
The rifle shoots as shown in the next photo but the trouble of sighting that little scope in is considerable, although I did buy the little kit from Numrich consisting of spanner wrench and pins. Note that I got the front/top ring on backwards. I'll have to reverse that someday. The original scope is being handheld, the Numrich is on the rifle. I probably didn't need to point that out.


In June 2010 I visited with a friend in Nebraska. We shot original sniper rifles (some original scopes - some repros like my Zf41) using original WW2 ammo. This group was fired at 300 yards with my rifle. Past that distance, the post just covered too much of the target to be useful.


Mike Venturino

08-27-2011, 09:36 PM
thanks for the pics. Glad to know the repro scope doesn't fit the original mount, I was thinking of getting one instead of using my original.