View Full Version : Maufacture dates of SS Dienstglas optics

08-31-2011, 09:51 AM
Has anybody got documentation establishing the date(s) of manufacture of SS Dienstglas optics?

Dave Roberts
08-31-2011, 06:24 PM
Vaughn may have them or maybe Wolfgang or Thomas . I will see if I can find out for You .
But I would bet once Vaughn see this he will answer it . Best Regards .

08-31-2011, 08:51 PM

no mention of deinstglas in any of my ajack stuff. most rifles were made in 1937-39 but seen other dates. some 4x90 commercial scopes were made before, during & after the Dienstglas scope run and before the wartime scopes, the lowest serial for wartime 4x90 is 42443 I have. ajack stopped exporting in 1940 and my catalog ONLY lists the 4x42 & 4x68 in 1939. In 1940 the 4x68 was discontinued and the NEW AJACK 4x90 was introduced. being the catalogs are printed in nov of the previous year, like catalog 1939 (printed nov/dec 1938). this also shows that the scope was around in 1939 as they would have not updated there catalog of available scopes and made changes if they were not already available when printing the 1940 catalog. which we know since the 1940 catalog was printed in nov 1939, they were obviuosly available to purchase in the commercial market. So i have always used that the AJACK 4x90 was intorduced in 1939 so has to be the same year the Dienstglas was made and manufactured. sorry i can't offer more info, info and catalogs are scarce.


09-01-2011, 10:07 AM
Hi sir
please find enclosed pictures of a SS dienstenglas 4X90 Ajack scope serial number 39283.
best regards

12-16-2011, 12:07 PM
i have recently seen an Ajack flyer introducing the 4x90 scope.it was dated 1938.