View Full Version : B-patrone 8 mm used by german snipers

Mr Haney
09-26-2011, 10:33 AM
These 5 round of B-Patrone 8 MM were used by the German snipers in WW11 only on the Eastern front as by Janurary 20 by the Fuhrer. They only were to be used on the Eastern front and then turned in if they were sent to other units on the Western front. But i am sure that some were used on the Western front. They were only to be used by snipers.
The sniper was issued 20 rounds of B-Patrone and 90 SS cartridges.
After the war ended the US military tested the B-Patrone and found to be a excellect design. Also the US trials tested the B- patrone for hazard potential. The B- Patrone was dropped from 15 to 30 feet on a steel plate, The bullets were bent, but none would detonate. Each case is marked AM 42 21 S *
Not only was this round used in aircarft but found its way in the fox holes on the Eastern front.
To little to late..

Dave Roberts
09-26-2011, 03:23 PM
The First 2 Rounds on the Right are Look Different from the 3rd 4th & 5th from the Right . I am referring to the to the Height of the Darkened Area . Best Regards .

09-26-2011, 04:38 PM
It is hard to tell for sure, but it appears the last three rounds on the right are Tropic sealed. The chemical blackening length can vary quite a bit on these projectiles.The charger appears to be for 7.65 ARG. or Belgian 89? JH

Mr Haney
09-26-2011, 04:44 PM
Hi Dave
You are right about the two other rounds . Three are dated 1940 and the two longer black rounds are dated 1942. they did change the length of the painted black. But they are all B-Patrone rounds.