View Full Version : Zeiss Zielvier Hunters Scope as mentioned in Karabiner98k Handelsublichen Zielfernror

Dave Roberts
12-29-2011, 11:48 PM
These are in my opinion one of the hardest Variant Scope to find .
As I mentioned in earlier post when I was in Germany 4 weeks ago
I went to see a Scope Collectors Collection and he has two of these
Scopes in his collection one is Zeiss Zielsechs and Kahles H/4x60 both
fitted with Recoil bar held in place by 2 screws as pictured in Senich
Book Pg.175 and both these Scopes Range Markings are Identical to
the one I show in Pics . One more item that is Interesting about these
Range Markings is they are also Identical to type on 4X P. Kohler SS Polce
SSR . Enjoy the Pics & Best Regards .