View Full Version : WWII Sniper/Marksmen Rifles Various

04-23-2012, 03:23 PM
Some Sniper/Marksmen rifles:

K43 ac 45 "d" block with original ddx scope and original 359 mount (mount not matching to rifle).

M1D M82 Sniper (Winchester 1943 production, but probably converted for Korea, leather cheek piece dated 1952) These were sub-standard issue in WWII but I don't think any saw service. There is debate about whether M1C's saw some action in the Pacific.

Mosin Nagant 1943 Sniper

SVT Tula 1942 Sniper

K98 AR 1941 ZF-41 Sharp Shooter

FG42 I (SSD) with 'L' marked ddx scope (original)

04-23-2012, 09:34 PM
thats a nice looking m1d...