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  1. Word of Thanks for the Info

    Thank you Grimlin13 for the info ....And Yes Grimlin13 it means a lot to me for sure....
  2. Can anyone help me ID this WWII BFP Bayonet ?

    220192 220196
  3. Sticky: My Dad brought back a BFP 44 fze

    Slash !! Thanks for the great Info..... Well according to your findings My Dads BF Pickup was in the 5th Rarest group of Bayonets it was a
    44 fze "b" Block #8099.... its NFS
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    Sticky: My Addition To The ERMA Database 1938 S / 27 5527 "a" Code

    I hope I understood the lingo..... Thanks for a Great Info Source

    (Year 1938 Factory Code S/27 Serial 5527 Suffix a ) ….. ( bc = Ru -- WA Eagle 77 -- 173/37 over 3 x WA Eagles over 77 ) ( rr...
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    What is meant when someone refers to a "BLOCK" in Identifying a K98 rifle

    I have my Fathers K98 Battle field Pickup It was produced in 1938 and the factory markings are S /27 Erfert Serial # 5527 and in a SLIGHTLY SMALLER FONT a lower case " a " directly under the rifles...
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