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Thread: Perhaps My Favorite P.38

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    Default Perhaps My Favorite P.38

    Thought I would share some pics of perhaps my favorite P.38. A late war variation Model P.38 commercial from my collection. These late war commercial pistols are scarce if not rare and very difficult to locate. Somewhat enigmatic as to why commercial pistols of this nature were even being manufactured during this time period. Per Buxton, identified as the Model P.38 Late Production manufactured in very late 1944 or more likely early 1945 (January or February). This example is serial numbered 25488 and is one of the last known examples of this variation. The condition is excellent although it clearly shows some wear and use. There is light holster wear at the high points as well as scattered light peppering. The front strap is clean and shows little wear but for the strange gouging or grind marks at the very bottom. Note that the defect extends even into the magazine well. I have always thought this was a manufacturing issue but I could very well be wrong. Would be interested in the opinions that others might have regarding this defect. The magazine is correct and original to the pistol with no WaA stamping and marked only P.38v on the lower left side. Hope you enjoy the pics ..
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    Very nice!!

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    Great P.38 Slash, and hard one to find. Thanks for posting it, pic stickied for ref.

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