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Thread: Late War DOU. 44

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    Default Band screw

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianAR View Post
    Bjarne, I believe dou44 rifles switched from the receiver serial to barrel mid year. I'm not sure the letter block but after e block, but before ee. Hahahah broad range I know. I'm on my cell and no access to my info right now.

    Firing pin does look curious but it's a great looking rifle.

    Another screw option is finding a vz screw and cutting a slot yourself. Haha at least it would be and original screw.
    I was going to say the same thing, you can find those vz stock disc screws on fleabay, and cut the slot as canadianAR said, nice rifle. Gunnut.

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    looks like an excellent example of a very late dou!!

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    Thanks for the suggestions and comments! This is easily my favorite of all my c&r firearms. I've loved k98's since i was a kid. I think i'd rather leave this little gem in the most original condition as possible, if i can find an original screw or repro i'll do it of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEight View Post
    Finally got around to taking pics of my first 98k.
    From the research i've done this appears to be a Semi-Kriegsmodell?
    All matching, some parts don't have any numbers or marks on them at all like the wood and buttplate, even the barrel bands don't have any marks.
    Maybe you guys could tell me a bit about what i've got here.

    This example is missing the rear band screw, so far impossible to find anywhere.

    Attachment 67467Attachment 67468Attachment 67469Attachment 67470Attachment 67471Attachment 67472Attachment 67473Attachment 67474Attachment 67475Attachment 67476
    That's a REALLY nice looking rifle. It appears to be all correct. My gg block range dou has a byf / single proof trigger guard.

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