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Thread: swp 45 with Kriegsmodell stock

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    Default swp 45 with Kriegsmodell stock

    Well I am kicking myself tonight. On a Canadian Gun site someone listed a K98 swp 45. I requested pictures as soon as I saw it, I sent a firm "I'll take it" for the asking price of $600 CAN (roughly $625 US).

    Sadly, someone else beat me to the rifle, but if things go poorly....I am next on the list.

    It looks like the stock was gone over and that it was Czech re-finished.

    Do you think it was made up of un-assembled parts? Or did the Czechs just re-finish an already finished rifle?

    I noticed that the barrel coded KF are usually found on 1944 dot rifles. This rifle should have a KL or JB marked barrel. Even in the book Kriegmodell the serial number information on the swp's is somewhat sparce. The serial number on this rifle means that it would have been one of the first 1000 or so rifles (maybe less) marked with the swp 45 reciever code.

    How much would have this rifle have gone in the US?

    If I had pics right away I would have jumped on it...oh well.
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    It looks like a postwar German rework. Probably on the high side for price here in the US.
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    Nice looking rifle. I saw it too...dont kick yourself too hard on this one. For the money you could do better I believe...good luck with the quest.

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    I don't know how you could do much better for the money.

    Provided it fits your collection, a post war German 98 for $600 retail is about right.

    Point is, its not what you thought it was so you are better to keep looking..

    **Wanted - Original un-dicked with late Steyr (bnz45) stock... Long shot but......
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