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Thread: how to accurize a K98 stock.

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    Default how to accurize a K98 stock.

    dont jump on me quite yet... i wont do anything visible from the outside, or anything extremely wild.

    i have a Russian Capture BYF '41 rifle. it has one of the most PERFECT bores i have ever seen in any German mauser.

    no matter what i try i cant get it to tighten up. ive shimmed the front under the bands, shimmed it under the action, tightened / loosened the action screws, and used plenty of different handloads / bullet weights etc.

    ill give it a few more shots with different ammo, but i think the rifle may need some bedding in the action area, or some relief in the bands / barrel channel area.

    is there anywhere that i can find a really good report on how to accurize a MAUSER? i turned my M1A fiberglass stock from a 2.5" grouping rifle into a one-holer with some Acra-Glass and routing out the barrel channel by the gas cylinder.

    i believe a mauser stock would have to be much easier than a M14 stock...

    and again.... im not using a museum piece or collector / matching # rifle to do this... its a R/C that was already messed with a bit by the owner before me.

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    Consider buying one of the Boyd's laminate repro stocks, and have at it!
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    Google bedding mauser accuracy and the instructions are videos are numerous. Basically you are going to bed at the action and maybe an inch of the barrel, same as an M1A bedding and pillar bed it. Easy stuff if you can bed an M1A. The issue becomes the barrel past that and the contact with the front band and bayonet lug. Anything off there can cause problems.
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