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Thread: Forums, Spam, and your account status

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    Default Forums, Spam, and your account status


    Every so often I get a nasty email from a hateful forum member (I know, right?) about not being able to access this or that, or generally not having full access to the site. Listen- it's a fine balance between full open access and fighting spammers that want to pollute the forum with ads for used panties or Russian brides. In order to keep this site free from these spammers (or relatively free) we set restricted permissions for new users with less than 2 post. This means if you have less than 2 post you don't have full access to the forum. It's not to be mean to you, or somehow keep you from accessing super secret club sections without your decoder ring which we won't mail you- this keeps the spammers from posting 500 threads of links to Russian bride sites (PM me if you want the best ones). They still do it every now and then, but nobody sees it because the postings are moderated to allow the mods time to delete it and ban the spammer before you see it.

    This is unavoidable until someone figures out how to stop spammers, which will be, um, NEVER. They are like roaches, sitting in computer banks in China and India just spending all day doing that crap for about $2.00 in wages a week.

    So- before you get your panties in a wad and start sending me hateful emails asking to be removed from the forum (I will by the way remove you as asked, and your IP address will be blocked just in case you change your mind later) take a pill and check your post count. Even older members that previously had full access might wake up to find their account isn't 100% anymore. This is part of the spam program to catch zombie signups from the past (we have a few).

    Let me go over this slowly for that guy in Rio Linda - post at least 2 times in the intro forum, even a back to back posting. We won't think you are stupid for doing it. Nobody is going to glean your identity, you can continue to lurk and learn (it's a great way to anonymously learn) if you don't feel confident. Just take the time to double tap that biatch in the off topic section and see the trader and other sections of the forum you might be missing out on. If you are a democrat, I suggest you ignore that Political Off topic section, it's pretty brutal.

    Thanks for your understanding. Any future nice emails will be answered as I always do, but send me some stupid crap and see what happens...I'm talking to you fish388.

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    Default forums spam, et al.

    Well said.
    (that's two!)
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