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Thread: Picked Up Interesting 1939 ERMA Depot Re-work....HZaGw

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    The renumbered bolt parts appear to be reworked period, but don't go with the action as you suspect. There was a LOT of reworking done on K98k rifles. A lot.

    The rifle is for sure a Spandau rework, I suspect about 43 based on the quality of the firing proof on the barrel (later firing proofs are missing pieces). I say later ,none are numbered so I base that on the quality of whats left of the work. The HZaGw buttplates are pretty common as far as depot parts, but still nice to see them. Like you said, a legit bolt mismatch rework. One thing about reworks, every single one is special.
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    Thank you very much, I have seen it. You are right, it won't help my trends because it's a rework with a replaced stock, nevertheless it's very interesting and I appreciate it. I agree with Mike, it's a Spandau rework.

    I would say the stamp on the recoil lug is a E/63. The stock is definitely a Mauser Oberndorf stock, usually it would be used around the "p" block in 1941.

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    First time seeing this one posted I appreciate Mike doing it though. It really is a cool Depot marked 27 code Mike, glad you have it for your collection.
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