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Thread: Odd Cammo German Helmet

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    Default Odd Cammo German Helmet

    This odd cammo helmet was picked up in Sicily by a N.C. District Court Judge who in WW2 was a First Sgt. the 82Nd. Airborne, it even has painted on rain drops.... This is my favorite...BILL
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    Talking helmet.

    Thats the kind of helmet now-a-days that just gets laughed at. But, I have no doubt it's original. Those jagged shapes are similar to what is painted on ships. What makes no sense really works to blend something in..

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    I like it, great "one of" type piece with provenance. The "raindrops" are merely the same markings on a zeltbahn, which is somewhat what the soldier was going for with the camo pattern. Great helmet, thanks for sharing Bill.

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