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Thread: Winter Triggers, manual insert, etc.

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    Default understanding an original...

    hello to all.
    basically were just looking for better quality in it's construction (even at this late date), to start on the right foot ?
    then eye ball the quality of the markings ?
    I have 2 assumed reproductions ... same maker mark but, different "style" in quality.
    paid little on one , other came on the k98k that I recently bought (hence free to me).
    would be nice to have original. but my interest in knowing is Not to pass up any original by accident .
    Jeff H.

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    I've recently bought a winterabzug and while searching for more info on "ofh's" i stumbled upon this thread and figured i'd share some pics...
    Tried to compare the pics and as far as i can tell there are no signs of a french ofh repro?

    wintertrigger02.jpg wintertrigger01.jpg wintertrigger03.jpg

    The inside looks pretty smooth, outside was quite pitted and and had obviously been cleaned before to remove rust.
    The abzug itself has a dull phosphate-ish (???) finish except for the cover which is marked Mod.98. Blocklogo on the otherside is no longer visible but the "ofh" is still there.
    It has a very nice tight fit when installed on a k98.

    Want to use it for a display and don't need any more rusty holes in it....I'm in doubt whether or not to apply a few layers of coldblue :S (at least on the cover)

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