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Thread: G.33/40 945 1940 HZa rework

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat View Post
    Mother of All That Is Holy, do tell...
    I’ll shoot you a message Pat

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    Quote Originally Posted by flynaked View Post
    Cool rifle, I don’t even remember looking over this one, I wonder if any other depot examples have come
    to light. I recently looked over an Hza Innsbruck 98/40, first depot example of one of those I’ve seen too, so I’m still unsure of many of the features on it.
    Never seen one of those either! Hope it ends up here at some point as a thread ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indernevoge View Post
    Interesting points and i agree, and it seems like riot agrees as well, any idea what they plan to do with him?
    Like, what they will remove, and what they will boost in order to rework his kit?
    Yes exactly dude

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    Missed this thread the first time around. Nice find, Craig!

    Have you fired it? These are real fire breathers with any ammo that approximates original Ss ball. Big kick and muzzle flash fireball, right up there with Iranian M1949 "camel" carbines!
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