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Thread: What an amazing book....

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    Default What an amazing book....

    I just got Volume 1. What an amazing piece of scholarship! The only regret I have is that I waited so long to order it. My order for Volume 3 will be in shortly. If you are going to buy even one Mauser K98K, you cannot afford not to have this book.

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    Thanks. Bruce and I both think Vol.2 is going to be bigger!
    Order the new K98k book at
    Don't forget to visit for info on late war 98k's.

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    Default amazing


    I have been collecting since 84 and if I had a dollar for every hack who said he was going to write a book on 98k's I would be a millionaire. Richard Law got a good start with Backbone of the Wehrmacht. Time has shown some rifles pictured to be fake but overall a good start. For the production information alone is worth buying the book. I have to admit I helped with it. I lived in Washington D.C and did archival work for Richard going to Aberdeen and the Smithsonian. Back then there was no internet so picture taking and development and information exchange via long distant phone calls was expensive. The format of the book has been copied by others with examples by year and code date.

    What Mike and Bruce have done is to expand the information exponentially. To amass the information they have shared would have taken a collector hundreds of hours of show hopping and forum reading, etc. Their effort is an effort that will stand the test of time and will be invaluable for years.

    We collectors are so very lucky to be able to learn from their toils and sacrifice..and trust me the time they sacrificed is considerable.

    I wish you the best of luck in the hunt. ...and this forum is the finest in the land.

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    Default Wow

    I just bought the two volume set , wow its amazing thanks Michael and Bruce many hours of learning ahead thanks again Kevin

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