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Thread: Mauser Banner and Standard Modell Serials and Data,RFV data

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    Default 1934 Mauser Banner

    #90507(diamond)-- all matching, no stock stampings


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    1. 1933 DRP 59929 (509929 in butt roundel). Bolt mismtach at 9923, but seems an Oberndorf error (the small 3 and 9 look VERY similar). No regional marking. All matching otherwise. Ex-USA (Karem Collection )

    2. 1933 DRP 53295 (503295 in butt roundel). Bolt mismatch, but with proper BU proofed bolt, all matching otherwise (BU bolt matches itself entirely). DRP HNVR marked frosch well (Hannover). Ex-USA, Gunbroker purchase 2012.
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    Default Got a Standard Model today

    Mauser Banner 1934
    serial number B22739
    nothing matches but it has excellent barrel.

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    Default 1934 Banner - depot rebuild

    1934 Banner rifle - 91810 Diamond proof -

    Matching trigger (XXX'd, depot re-stamped) and floorplate, Eagle FP on barrel (0,2 marked depot replacement barrel) - Early style Standard Modell stock, wide rear band 1936 dated. No import marks.!

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    Default 60976 DRP Hamburg cartouche is 66630 Mauser banner 1933

    60976 DRP Hamburg cartouche is 66630 Mauser banner 1933 , all matching numbers.

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce98k View Post
    Hey guys I will update this thread as new data is received. I will also try and keep it clean with no clutter. You can post data or email me direct at I delete the direct posts with just SN data and keep any ones dealing in features or unique aspects. Thanks.

    Thanks to PAUL SHOMPER (Graf) for submitting a huge pile of SNs. You are the man!!

    RC denotes Russian Capture.


    0262 DR
    0321 DR, numbers on handle
    0605 DR, numbers on handle
    0852 DR, numbers on handle
    1176 DR
    1569 DR, unit marked 15.69. (numbers on handle)
    1845 DR, unit marked Bz.15.238 (cancelled 13.345)(bolt SN on handle)
    1880 DR, GB May 2010 (numbers on handle)
    1927 DR, unit marked Bz.15.90 (cancelled 13.427)(bolt MM, Gunbroker Ranchill)

    Ed note: Gap here likely represents Chinese 1933 export models, likely 'B' prefix result of use of standard series for in country.

    50315 DRP Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924", city code DRP Kbg Schw (cartouche 500315)
    50323 (RC) Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924"
    50550 DRP Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924", x out Bln in sling well (Berlin police)
    50617 DRP Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924"
    51000 DRP Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924", sling well city code is Kosl (Koslin)
    51312 DRP Rec Side Mark "Standard Modell 1924", no city code, cartouche is 501312
    52537 DRP
    52643 DRP Eft. (Erfurt)
    54675 DRP Brsl. (Breslau)
    55760 DRP
    56098 Action in MM Stock, DRP 604909
    56429 Action only
    56561 DRP, SchW. (Schweinfurt), Bolt numbers on handle (stem)
    56617 DRP Bln., (Berlin) Disk Added
    57853 DRP Eft, Stock 507853
    58306 DRP, Stock 508306 (w/vet inscribed plaque) GB 11/09
    59667 DRP, Poulin 2/08
    59810 DRP, Kln (Koln) stamped on left side sling well (unusual location)
    59862, DRP, matched; sling; Mauser muzzlecover, issued to Minden. Captured at Beilefeld.
    60100 DRP DRP & Mind stamped in keeper well,no TD,matched,bolt # on stem, mauser marked muzzle cover, sling.
    61117 DRP
    61581 Disk Added, Unit mark 5.A.R.4.97
    62082 DRP
    62239 DRP
    63064 DRP, Stock # 603064, SN on handle
    63493 Action only.
    63643 DRP
    63858 DRP
    63862 DRP Dssd. (Dusseldorf), SN on handle
    63939 DRP
    63941 RC
    64268 DRP, stock disk added, depot mark Eagle Nmg4 (Bolt SN on handle), Stock 604268


    65346 DRP, (Kbg city code), SN on bolt top
    65473 DRP
    66381 DRP Gunboards Mauser Forum 7/08 (Kbg City code)
    66407 SN on bolt handle
    66563 DRP (DRP Gmb in sling well - Gumbinnen, bolt SN top)
    67863 DRP (DRP Klrh in sling well - Karlsruhe)
    68221 DRP
    68490 DRP, SN on bolt handle (GB Oct. 09) Matched, Cartouche No. 68490
    68714 DRP, SN on bolt handle (AA June 2010), Cartouche No. 68714

    /** Around this point and up to end, takedown disk and diamond proof added, end of DRP issue **//
    70743 DP, MM
    71599 Ch.d.a w/DP, TD(Ranchill item)
    72726 Ch.d.a w/DP, TD
    74338 Ch.d.a w/DP, TD Bolt MM (0637)
    74748 Ch.d.a Gunbroker 2/08 MM
    75779 RC
    75988 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD (MM bolt)
    76610 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD, bolt SN top
    76920 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD, bolt SN top
    77028 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD
    78111 DP
    78132 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD, bolt SN top
    78164 Ch.d.a w/DP,TD, bolt SN top
    79168 Ch.d.a Stock only
    80089 RC
    80521 RC, diamond proof
    80980 DP, bolt SN top
    82387 RC, diamond proof
    83015 Diamond Proof
    83101 Diamond Proof, TD Disk,Matched
    86213 Ch.d.a, DP, TD
    86600 Ch.d.a, DP, TD (cut down)
    87657 DP, Sanded stock
    87688 Ch.d.a, DP, TD
    88156 Takedown disk
    89238 Diamond Proof
    89241 MM, Diamond Proof
    89684 Disk, Poulin 2/08
    90342 RC, diamond proof
    90776 BGS stamped on stock
    91823 Diamond Proof
    92270 Stock mismatch - Chda (see 79168)
    92725 DP
    92862 DP,TD
    94208 TD
    94777 MM Stock, Poulin 2/08
    T83980 RC
    T83268 RC, Cowans Auction

    NOTE: DP denotes 'Diamond Proof', TD denotes takedown disk

    At this point it looks like a total production of around 55-56000 Banners
    used for internal distribution and not for export.

    Ed note 1: It looks like the diamond proof appeared
    in the early 70K block and was used on all successive

    Note 2: Chda appears from 70K to high 80s, putting
    the numbers for that variant at about 17K. For whatever reason, high numbered 1934 Banners > 80K
    do not have the stamp.

    Ed note 12/13/08: While the range is from 70K to high 80s, it is not known if all the Banners issued in that range were ChdA marked.
    More complete data will help - especially verified matching non-ChdA examples in this range.

    /************************************************** *************/
    Railway issue series:

    Revised 5/19/08:
    The 'c' series continues after rollover DR series in 1934 (authors revised view).
    Judging from SNs, the series for the Deutsche Reichsbahn was a separate run with most
    of the higher range used for export to China.

    Notes from 5/25/07:.
    It certainly looks that way as the data develops. The big gomer would be a 'c' prefix DR Banner lower than the highest 1933 SN. We will see what falls out.


    0262 DR
    0312 DR, numbers on handle
    0605 DR, numbers on handle
    0852 DR, numbers on handle
    1176 DR
    1424 DR, numbers on handle (Mauser 99)
    1845 DR, unit marked Bz.15.238 (cancelled 13.345)(bolt SN on handle)
    1880 DR, numbers on handle
    1927 DR, unit marked Bz.15.90 (cancelled 13.427)(bolt MM, Gunbroker Ranchi
    C2032 DR (1933 Rec)., numbers on handle.

    Note: Apparent rollover of SN with leading C prefix added in late 1933.

    C2405 DR, GB 1/10
    C2574 DR Rock Island 12/07
    C2991 DR #'s on handle
    C2992 DR #'s on handle
    C3095 DR, Gunbroker 2/07, numbers on handle
    C3147 MM w/bolt C3267
    C3156 DR SBR63 on Buttplate
    C3316 MM Stock.

    C3567 No data

    C11373 Gr.B.B. Matching, Numbers on bolt handle
    C12052 Stock Assy, Complete Ebay Gr.B.B

    Non-Attributed German Used:
    C12499 Numbers on handle, BU proofed,std. German issue Banner
    C12593 Numbers on handle, German issue Banner

    /************************************************** ********************************/
    /The following examples were based on unused Banner receivers that were diverted to std. K98 1941 production/

    byf41 Banner:

    6207bb (RC)
    473dd (RC)
    6795dd (RC)
    1960ee (RC)
    8990ee (RC)
    9629ee (RC)
    2505ff (RC)
    2844hh (RC)
    5495hh (MRJ April 2007)
    6014hh (Collector submitted 10/09)

    /*NOTE: Now actively adding export SNs for China and Ethiopia contracts */

    Std. Modell:

    A2070 Ethiopia Poulin 2/08

    16393 Blank Siderail, Barrel code 156.14 (MRJ 200)
    27865 Standard Modell 1924 Rail, 1933 Rec. (likely Chinese)
    36391 Standard Modell 1924 Rail, 1933 Rec. (likely Chinese)
    45365 Standard Modell 1924 Rail, 1933 Rec. (no-prefix, Chinese issue)

    B 8531 Chinese Issue
    B10145 Standard Model 1924, has TD, Banner 1934 Rec. matched.
    B21696 Ethiopia/China divert, Banner 1934 Rec. Side wall Std. Modell 1924
    B24522 Ethiopia/China divert, Banner 1934 Rec. Side wall Std. Modell 1924
    B26861 Ethiopia Contract rifle,Banner 1934 Rec., Reference only for export range.
    B38489 Sandard Modell on receiver rail, imported from China
    B40089 Sporterized
    B40277 MM
    B41238 Isrl.rebuild
    B44098 Bolt MM Gunbroker
    B46410 Narrow G98 style rear band with G98 band spring.
    B51721 Chinese issue
    B52491, bolt mm, narrow rear band and short G98 band spring
    B56313 Israeli Rebuild
    B57424 Cut down, internet auction
    B58694 Bolt mm, Barrel code 36Si33
    B59016 Bolt mm
    B64159 Scrubbed S/42 1937 Rec.
    B65818 Gunbroker 3/27
    B66066 ZF41?
    B66359 OGCA 7/08
    B72140 Scrubbed S/42 1937 Rec.
    B72998 Scrubbed S/42 1937 Rec.
    B73504 Bolt MM
    B75584 Converted to side sling, 98k front end hardware.
    B82143 E/655 Top Rec., E/H and E/655 stock side.

    Chinese K98 Contract:

    C2013 1933 Banner Rec.
    C6592 Import
    C14018 Import, Auction Arms 2/08
    C25251 Laminated stock
    C29615 Backbone, Scrubbed 1937 Rec.
    C34703 Scrubbed 1937 Rec. Bolt MM, Laminated
    C85661 Import (possible 35661)

    1824a Barrel Code 38S203
    4580a Ball, 4th Ed.
    9009b Backbone
    6504c Ebay stock,parts
    3432d Action only
    8512d Gunboards 4-10 Import
    9222e, Banner K98k, Nationalist Chinese sun on barrel and receiver
    9690e Laminated, bolt MM NI (Brocks June 08)

    Note: Additional numbers for Chinese K98s from MRJ May2007

    Chinese Banner K: Note reclassified under Chinese K98K

    Note: A good percentage of C prefix also released as German issue Banners (BU proofed)

    ;Added 3/21/10
    ************************************************** ************************************************** **********
    RFV data

    Code Year SN RFV Weapon Number Notes

    S/27 G 1935 2303 RFV 2073 BBOTW
    S/42 1936 6684t RFV 359
    S/42 1936 9326t RFV 209
    S/147/k 1934 sn 4724 RFV 1676
    S/147/k 1934 sn 817 RFV 1975
    S/27 G 1935 sn 4808 RFV 2114
    243 1938 sn 594i RFV 3151
    S/147K sn 971 RFV 982 -

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********
    This is the image section - I will be adding representative pics of markings and features.
    Once complete, I will attempt to put a legend together for IDs on the each pic.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********
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    Default 1934 Banner

    I have a 1934 Banner, SN 87245 Dimond, The bolt is not numbered. The rear sight matches and has a Eagle/655 waffen amt. The walnut stock matches, has a take down ring, has a Mauser Banner by the ring, has Eagle/WAa63 in 5 places, Eagle/211 on the round metal bolt that goes under the reciever, bands match. It looks like a K98 war time stock, not a standard or banner stock.

    Any ideas? RC? rework?

    Thanks in advance!
    B. Mason; Aim small, mis small

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    Local gun store has a sporterized Standard Modell B72645. Stock has been cut just in front of the lower band so it is even with the front of the handguard. The side of pistol grip has been sanded so there is a groove between the pistol grip and the buttstock. Metal is all-matching but it has been nicely reblued. There is an 8 MM marking on the side of the barrel. Price is $399.

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    Standard Modell 98 DRP 1933, all matching, SN 57568, Kssl. (Kassel). Found in France. No cleaning rod, no sling

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    Default Another Banner

    I don't know what year, perhaps 1934. It has a Mauser banner on the receiver ring, and Standard Modell on the left side receiver rail. Serial number is B39297. The numbers are not matching, except for barrel and receiver, and it is in light colored wood. The proofs are civilian, and there are no martial markings on it at all. It is configured in a manner similar to a GEW 98, with the hooked upper band and the dual position rear sling loops (trigger guard and bottom of stock). The bolt handle is straight, and it is in quite good condition, with no import markings.

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