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Thread: Matching jwh 1942

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    I had a chance to trade a WWII Western G46-8 fighting knife for a jwh 42 that was matching and the finish was 90% or better. It had one problem though, it had been sharpened. Was not overly done and hard to see the edge in the pics I was sent of it, but still sharpened. I passed on it for a matching 42 cof with no sharpening and in good condition that the guy had. I could still get the jwh. What do you guys think, worth getting or not?
    " Hey, I got it from a long time dealer in Third Reich militaria years ago, so you know it`s real." Over heard comment at a table.

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    I stick to unsharpened matches pieces that are in decent condition. Condition is the only parameter that I might slide a little on. That is just me though.

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    Default Sharpened or not

    To me, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are attempting to gather as many years times makers as possible, and you do not have that example, I would snag it and plan to unload when a nicer one comes along. That year and maker you will not see every day.

    If you are only wanting to collect close to perfect examples, pass on it.

    And price is always a consideration, of course.

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    Default 42 jwh with strange story

    Here a jwh 42 in l range, great blade, but overall not extra condition as the piece was stored 60 years in attic, wrongly stacked into scabbard so different parts of front and backside have a heavier or thinner rust.
    Strange story about it:
    It was a S84/98 piece owned by collector friend of Slovakia, that obtained it in early 90ies from area of middle Slovakia, where it was stored since war probably. Unfortunally the owner with strange not slovakian last name Messerschmidt was killed later by other arms collector and his body grabbed into hood. When i remember correctly he was shot with a restored K98k from backside and it goes about loaned money.
    Luckily the killer was found by police and is now sitting for long time in jail.
    Widdow of collector needed money so collector community helped that the collector items were outsaled from her, i buy two pieces too.
    Rest in peace old Friend.
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    OMG! Then this must be a cursed bayonet! Just kidding, but glad the collector community is not so hardcore were i live! Sorry for Your friend!
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