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Thread: Portugese Contract Kar.98k Serial Study

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    Default Portugese Contract Kar.98k Serial Study

    Portugese K98k serials
    Note: Need to know whether German (GER; "Ger?" = a rifle thought German used, but not conclusive), Portugese (PORT), RC or not (RC is important), Norwegian (important) matching or not, import marked (by whom) or not. PLEASE, I need full serials (no x's). Also, if it has a matching bayonet, that information is important as well. Any info emailed will be strictly confidential and is erased after it is added to this list. Tks!
    GER = German use
    PORT = Portugese use
    NI = Non Import / Not Import marked
    RC = Russian Capture

    M937 and M937A
    C18438 (Match bay., Ital. coll.)
    E19747 (M937, 1937 dated)
    M937B (K98k type)
    F 493 (PORT, Sarco import, match, flatbutt plate w/cross)
    F 543 (PORT, NI)
    F 636 (PORT, NI)
    F 962 (GER?, NI, match, service use, Ger. type stock repair, vet bb?)
    F 997 (GER, NI, match, Liege Belgian reproofed, rechambered 8x60S)
    F 8690(GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    F 1356 (?, NI, match, claimed vbb?, used cond.)
    F 2154 (PORT, NI)
    F 2342 (?, from old eGuns auction, flat buttplate)
    F 3344 (?, France, AN dewat stamped, matching)
    F 5694 (Ger.?, Czech Rep.)
    F 6756 (PORT, import, matching, matching bay.)
    F 8690 (GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    F 9595 (PORT, NI)
    F 13614 (GER, RC, Coles)
    F 14685 (GER?, matching exc. floorplate, Belgian proofs, German auction)
    F 14744 (GER?, NI, matching)
    F 15290 (PORT?, uniss., matching, NI, Canada)
    F 15521 (PORT?, NI, matching, used, Gunbroker 081306)
    F 16699 (PORT, Uniss., matching bay., RI Auction)
    F 16980 (PORT?, NI, match, used)
    F 17470 (PORT, NI, match, 90%, CLOSE bayo.)
    F 18096 (GER, RC, Coles)
    F 18211 (GER, RC)
    F 18970 (GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    F 19457 (? , NI, match, 85%. cross on flat buttplate)
    F 19555 (PORT, Austrian coll., match, 85%, w/match bayo.)
    G 339 (?, e/H, Ital. collection)
    G 535 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 615 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 776 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 1403 (?, NI, matching, flat butt w/+)
    G 1550 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 2423 (GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    G 2409 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 3281 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 3810 (GER, RC)
    G 4044 (GER, RC)
    G 4297 (GER, RC, Coles; 01-08-06,"restored", import marks removed)
    G 5137 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 5265 (PORT, NI)
    G 5355 (GER, RC, ground crest)
    G 5404 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 5675 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 5814 (GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    G 5860 (GER, RC, TN Guns)
    G 5906 (GER, Norw. rebuild, CAI, Port. cross on butt.)
    G 5962 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 6418 (GER, Norwegian)
    G 6552 (GER, NI, matching, used cond.)
    G 7025 (GER, RC, Tn Guns)
    G 7197 (PORT?, match, match bayo.)
    G 7425 (GER, RC, TG Knox TN)
    G 7460 (GER, RC, Empire Arms)
    G 7668 (GER, Norwegian)
    G 7531 (GER, RC, TG Knox)
    G 7740 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 7792 (GER?, NI, German commercial proofs, Port cross on buttplate)
    G 7883 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 8108 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 8374 (GER?, NI, matching, heavy use)
    G 9694 (GER, RC, Gunbroker sale, CONSECUTIVE W/9695)
    G 9695 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 9854 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 10727 (GER, RC, GB auction 111112)
    G 10735 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 10760 (PORT, Import. to Ger./Frankonia, match bay.)
    G 12126 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 12132 (GER, NI, Norwegian conv. to .30 H/ER 14681)
    G 12396 (GER, NI, "vet bringback")
    G 12658 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 12792 (PORT?, NI, match, exc/uniss. cond.)
    G 13340 (GER?, NI, match, vet bb, no stock crest, GB 022614)
    G 13371 (GER? NI, match)
    G 13382 (GER?, NI, match but stock, from Ger.)
    G 13594 (PORT, NIM, unissued)
    G 13796 (GER?, NI, Deactivated, UK)
    G 13985 (GER, DDR proofs, Iraqi proofs, 1950s DDR Suhl proof)
    G 14186 (PORT?, NI, match, uniss. condition, Canada)
    G 14394 (GER?, barrelled action, phosphated, Belgian auction)
    G 14473 (PORT, NI, match, uniss., match bayo.)
    G 15018 (PORT, NI)
    G 15166 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 15194 (GER, RC, Tn Guns)
    G 15459 (GER, NI, match, 0.2 mk'd rebarrel)
    G 15919 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 16561 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 16938 (GER?, NI, no further information)
    G 17268 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 17392 (GER?, NI, mm)
    G 18213 (PORT, uniss., match)
    G 18795 (GER? E/H, schrapnel dmg. stock, NI, match)
    G 19129 (GER, RC, Coles)
    G 19249 (GER?, NI, match, demilled)
    G 19197 (PORT, NI, German proofed in 1980, Port. cross on buttplate)
    G 19383 (PORT, NI, matching, mint condition, cross on bp)
    G 19783 (PORT, uniss., NI, match)
    H 173 (GER, RC, Coles)
    H 687 (GER, RC, Coles)
    H 907 (PORT?, NI, match, Canada)
    H 1401 (GER?, NI, match, well used)
    H 1707 (PORT, NI, match, Canada, bayonet H 19063)
    H 1773 (GER?, NI, match, no Port. crest on stock, used, reportedly from Mozambique)
    H 2477 (GER?, 85%,)
    H 2563 (PORT, NI, match, uniss. cond.)
    H 2872 (PORT, NI, match, uniss., match bay.)
    H 3410 (GER?, NI, match, 90%+, AA 112106)
    H 3695 (PORT, matching, uniss.)
    H 5083 (PORT, NI, Anchor over M stock)
    H 5243 (PORT, NI, match bayo.,mm scabbard)
    H 5488 (PORT, NI, match)
    H 5786 (PORT, NI,uniss., match bayo.)
    H 5935 (PORT, Hansen import, uniss., match)
    H 7093 (PORT?, uniss., match, bought in Australia in 1980s)
    H 7395 (PORT, Canada, match)
    H 7427 (PORT, match bay., no e/H,Ital. collection)
    H 7604 (PORT, NI)
    H 7728 (PORT, Import, Hansens?, match w/bayo G 16341)
    H 7919 (PORT, NI, uniss., match, match bayo)
    H 8541 (PORT, NI, uniss., match, match bayo)
    H 9239 (PORT, NI, uniss., match, Port Navy prop. stock)
    H 9886 (PORT, Hansen import, match)
    H 11332 (PORT, match, exc., match bayo., mm scabbard)
    H 11816 (PORT, NI, match, cup butt with +)
    H 12181 (PORT, NI, matching)
    H 12770 (PORT, Hansens 1995 import, match)
    H 12857 (PORT?, "HGO SPIGN" import marked?, match, 95%+, GB 081207)
    H 13179 (PORT, NI, uniss.)
    H 13366 (PORT, NI, match, Canada)
    H 13524 (?, match, German post. inspect. N and "81"), GB auct. 513104933 10-15-15)
    H 13625 (?)
    H 13889 (PORT?, matching, Canada)
    H 13939 (PORT, matching, Canada, match bay. 1979 from Lever Arms, Vancouver BC)
    H 15001 (PORT, NI, uniss., match)
    H 15079 (PORT, match, exc., match bayo., Australia)
    H 15169 (PORT, NI, match, AA 03-19-06)
    H 16027 (PORT, Hansen Import, matching, exc.)
    H 17265 (PORT?, NI?, match, 80%, AA # 7378997 042306)\
    H 18721 (PORT, NI, match, uniss., match bayo.)
    H 18550 (PORT, NI, match, uniss., match bayo.)
    H 18571 (PORT, NI, match, mint, Australian 70s import)
    H 19063 (bayonet only)
    H 19785 (PORT, NI, match, uniss., match bayo.)

    Great information translated from Portugese reference:
    "The Mauser M941 contract was sign in July, 15, 1941, for the purchase of 50.000 rifles, to be delivered in 10 batches of 5.000. But serial numbering had some problems. The first 4 batches had consecutive numbers, but after the 23.000 rifle- the german made an emergency requisition that interrupts the serial number sequence. The remaining batches are delivered with serial numbers from F to I, and only H batch would have complete and consecutive numbers."
    "Armamento do Exército Português Vol. I- Armamento Ligeiro" – Pages 142 and 143. ISBN 972-8816-43-X.

    Note: Luso's Portugese documentary information fits the F block observations above, saving for one rifle. The author of the Portugese text likely did not have access to the physical observations we have here for RC's. My speculation: Blocks F and G are a full 20,000 run, as meant for the contract. H was probably meant to take up the balance of 10,000 rifles to conclude the 50,000 contract run for Portugal. However, the tail end of the H block was expanded to make a full 20,000 run to account for 10,000+ rifles diverted for German use from G and early H. The Germans were fastidious about records, order, and contracts.

    On the buttplate crosses (Submitted by Winchester Cowboy):
    It appears this cross is widely used in Portugal, sailing ships, flags, monuments, etc.
    22:45 · This cross is sometimes called Portuguese cross. It was the sign on the standard of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Crusaders' Order used in the battle of Grünwald, Tannenberg, in 1410, against the Poles, where the Teutonic knights were defeated. It was a common cross form on crusader knights' coats of arms during the Middle Ages. See also the crutch cross, , in Group 28.
    30:26 · Five centuries ago, the Order of the Temple Knights (using the Maltese cross, , as their symbol) was forbidden in European countries by the Pope. However, the order remained powerful in Portugal since its Master Knight was Prince Henry of Portugal. The order was renamed Order of Christ, and this sign (withouth the circle) was chosen as their symbol. The Portuguese discoveries were made possible much because of the wealth of the order, and the symbol was used on the sails of the Portuguese ships. Since then the symbol has been used widely in Portugal, e.g. on fighter planes, navy ships and soccer team clothes and flags.
    Compare with in Group 22.
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    I have:

    H1760 ( GER , NI , MATCHING NO.S Portugese crest on stock WaA135 marked. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfzr01 View Post
    I have:

    H1760 ( GER , NI , MATCHING NO.S Portugese crest on stock WaA135 marked. )
    Mfz, what info do you have that it is German issued?

    Tks TSMG, added.

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    G8524 is shown in the photo section of sold rifles on the website.
    WTB/WTT: (1)late E/H marked bcd stock either standard or semi-Kriegs; (2)unnumbered late MO Zf-41 stock, Kriegs or standard stock; (3)transitional late unnumbered type dot stock which uses bandspring and has bayo mount but no cleaning rod hole; (4)unnumbered byf standard stock as typically found on some byf 44 K and L block rifles; (5)unnumbered E/H bnz standard stock as typically found on bnz.4 and bnz 44 N, O, and P block rifles; (6)any bnz Kriegsmodell stock either with E/H or without

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
    Mfz, what info do you have that it is German issued?

    Tks TSMG, added.
    Sorry, I meant to add a "?" after GER, Have no info whatsoever to suggest it was issued. My bad.

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    H 12361
    Matching, incl stock (though band spring numbered 2761)
    NOT RC
    No bayonet
    very pitted in places.

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    Bayo only.
    H19872 bayo
    H73 scbbard
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    Looking for 10" cleaning rod, early style e/214 #91, nazi style e/26 #04

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    G17252 in Canada. No bayo, non import market, not a RC, all matching and wood is dark/dinged and shows potential use.

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    Default Portugese Mauser

    I own two Mausers with the Portugese crest on the receiver. The first was made in 1937. The serial number is D8389. The stock is numbered to the gun on bottom behind the pistol grip as is the butt plate and both barrel bands. It has three Nazi eagles on the right side of the stock, two with waffenamts, and I believe the top one is proof mark, but it is so faint I can't be sure. I cannot see the letter H, L, or M on the stock.

    The trigger guard and butt plate are also numbered to the gun. The bolt is a mismatch and the number is 9713 over D on the bolt flat.

    The second is a 1941 rifle, serial number G9827. This rifle is all matching throughout including bands, butt plate, triggerguard, floor plate, follower, and rear sight. The stock is walnut, and matched to the rifle. There are two waffenamts on the right side of the butt stock, and the letter H has been stamped above the waffenamts.

    There are two import marks on either gun. Neither gun has any evidence of being a Russian capture.

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    H5369 Matching, Not Import Marked

    Unlike other matching ports, this one looks issued. Likely Port use.

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