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Thread: WZ29 oddity or turd?

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    I'm not one to shit talk one forum on another, but come on, this is embarrassing. That being said, do you think Gunboards would let me sell a few champagne rune helmets? I'll buy some banner ads...

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    Did anybody notice on the right side of the receiver ring is a faint partial circle around the Polish inspection stamp? Before our crafty seller worked on it, there was a "circle Z" as can be clearly seen in the original pictures. But according to the seller "It wos reworked by Germans even maybe by Russians when day captured it during WWII and it looks like they reserialized". Yep, the Russians did it. Hillary, is that you selling the rifle?

    pix294719298.jpg pix939560323.jpg

    Personally, I don't believe he scrubbed the receiver in order to take the pictures with his iPhone in the back ground. I think he filled his crafty work with bondo, slightly sanded and than used flat black Krylon exhaust paint to give it the "Russian arsenal blue" look.

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    Now he's destroying evidence, another felony in many jurisdictions.
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