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Thread: 1940 Izhevsk SVT 40

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    Default 1940 Izhevsk SVT 40

    I got this one a couple months ago. 1940 dated SVT 40. This is the only 1940 Izhevsk (factory original) I have ever seen. Tough one to find. Tula produced more SVT 38s in 1940 then Izhevsk did SVT 40s. Interesting to see is the bolt carrier is numbered on the bottom and the bolt itself is numbered on the side. This is seen on early Tula SVT 38s and was common practice until factories were ordered to number carriers on top and bolts on the bottom. It would appear that Izhevsk was late to changing this feature. Tula only numbered the carriers on top for a short period before going back to the bottom. Hope you enjoy, pretty nice condition for a SVT.

    SVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (1).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (3).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (4).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (5).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (8).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (9).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (11).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (12).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (13).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (14).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (15).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (6).jpgSVT 40 Izhevsk 40 (20).jpg

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    Very nice example of a very scarce rifle! 1940 Factory No.74 rifles in original condition are much harder to find than most of the other variations for some reason. This particular rifle is from December 1940 production.

    This bolt numbering method seems to be the norm for No.74 until January 1941 (A block) when the bolt number was moved to the bottom. It seems the carrier number was moved to the top shortly thereafter. I don't think I've ever seen a No.314 rifle with a carrier numbered on top.

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    That's a nice one Matt glad you're able to find another one for your collection. I know it's not an SVT 38 but I guess this will do right lol!

    I'm still keeping my eyes open for you buddy if one turns up for sale near me.
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    Very nice SVT Matt! Congrats!
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    I've asked before, but now im convinced that you have a time machine.

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    You truly could not find a nicer SVT.

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