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Thread: How big of a mistake did I make?

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    Well, I thought I'd post one final update.

    I found this link, which proves 100% what you all have told me.

    The seller flamed me quite badly on the feedback page. He has also relisted it without updating the description.

    In addition, someone was kind enough to forward this to me.

    I will be consulting forums before ever considering a purchase from now on. Thanks everyone for the information you've provided. Gunbroker has also suspended my account and deleted all feedback.
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    After looking at all this, to me, the seller was trying to auction off a pistol that was not what he described. Definitely some E. German re-worked gun, not a "bring back" as described. The seller should know what he is selling or at least try to confirm his information before putting it up for sale. And, don't get mad when someone finds out that it's not what you are advertising. It's just not an "original bring back" pistol. No way! Not at all!

    To be fair though, you shouldn't bid until you positively know what you are bidding on. Even if it means you could loose out on a good deal. Better to let one walk than to have to eat a bad deal, or go through this mess.

    I think gunbroker should call it even, lift your suspension and leave the information for people to judge for themselves. I think you would have lost money on that gun myself. In the P.38 world, those E. German re-works just don't command $800 bucks from what I've seen.

    It's definitely not a "matching bring back P1 P38" either! The only thing he got right was the Mauser information.

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