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Thread: Sodcasts: Exposing Fakery Videos

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    MJ, what was the Gahr badge? That is, why was it marked in that way as opposed to the other? Would it have been later than 1941 as per the interview? I know absolutely bollocks about these other than what I see on your videos so excuse the infantility of the question.
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    A stickpin for SS men to wear when in civil clothes. Called the SS Zivilabzeichen, SS Civil badge.
    They (the versions shown in the brief video) only have Otto Gahrs (a silversmith from München) name on them, but are made by Deschler, who was the only maker allowed to make all SS badges. (Not just enamel pins, ALL SS BADGES) At least that is from 1941 onwards. (but likely much earlier) So, exactly when Deschler took over production of them from Otto Gahr and Hoffstätter is unknown. (Because both did at some point make them) In any case, every single supposed Otto Gahr-made SS pin I have ever seen, bar 1-2 that carry totally different reverse markings, were not made by Otto Gahr - as everyone has claimed - but made by Deschler.

    Why Deschler has the Gahr name on them? No idea, maybe out of hommage to them after Gahr died, maybe Gahr was the original designer of that specific stickpin, maybe they were the first makers.. could be many reasons. That would be for interested collectors to follow up on, and research more. Gahr was involved with the NSDAP from day one basically, designed lots of cool stuff for them, made the NSDAP Standarten for example...
    Me, I just bust scams and spread the truth, and am not interested in them enough to go any more miles on the subject. Just float the facts out there, show collectors who really made them, give them a solid base for fruitfull debate on a forum of their choice should they so wish to look deeper.

    Do they wish? Do they f***, it`s all copy and paste with the "experts" and always has been from day 1.

    Anyone who was really interested, would have discoved this decades ago... Naaah, copy and paste, copy and paste, parrot parrot parrot.
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