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Thread: Need help identifying Mauser

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    Is the Mauser legend on the right site of the receiver??

    Some things doesnt match with commercial made Mauser by Mauser itself.

    The SN 2360 / 2160 would place it in 1908, but the type and place for SN is not typical for mausermade sporters of this time.

    The shape of the bolt handle is not Mauser style, also the magazine floorplate.

    The stamps on the right side says that it was first an rifle in 8x57, proofed before 1912 in the Suhl Proofhouse. Typical for this is " 2,75 g. G.B.P." , which means 2,75 gramm(!!!) Gewehr Blättchen Pulver( 2,75 Gramm Rifle Flake Powder)- that was the normal load for this round. After end of WW1 (tready of Versailles) the rifle was chambered to 8x60 ( youre shure it is 8x60?) ( if it is "S" caliber can only say an exact measurement !!!) and Nitro Proofed in Suhl with an 12,7 gramm (!!) Stahlmantelgeschoss (Stmg) (Steeljacketbullet). The "crown N" stamp was used in Suhl after 1912.

    The nitro-proof marks on the underside of the Krupp-steel barrel gives also the date of proof: 6.29, what means Juni 1929, ledger number 814 of the proof house.
    If the rifle was chambered from 8x57 to 8x60 there should be an "crown R" stamp, but i dont see it.
    The other possibility is that the rifle get an new barrel in 1929.

    The "2360.8" is interesting, SN from receiver and caliber. Never seen, but maybe made by rebarreling in 1929, what would fit to the two sn on receiver.

    The "Suhler Einhack Montage" (double claw mount) shows also typical work and shape for Suhl made type around 1920-1930.

    For my opinion it is an Suhl made sporter, typical for its time.
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