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Thread: Landesschutzen Battalion Soldbuch

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    Default Landesschutzen Battalion Soldbuch

    Picked this one up some time back. Havenít researched it yet, but noticed a late issue of an Italian M41 cavalry carbine ( German designation 409(I) )

    Supposedly some of these battalions were activated like Volkssturm? Iíll have to dig in to that, but this guy ended up in an Austrian pow camp I believe. Iíll post more photos after I work on translating some of this stuff. Whatís cool is I have his Soldbuch and Wehrpass along with the wallet he carried it in.

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    Nice Soldbuch!
    Exotic weapons are often encountered in LandesschŁtzen Soldbucher.
    This fellow saw service as a POW guard in Austria in Wehrkreis XVII (Vienna area).

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