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Thread: Cleaning k98s ( or surplus)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ta2joe View Post
    Thanks for the info

    Was watching some vids on k98 disassembly/reassembly, discussions, parts, etc just trying to expand my knowl3dge and saw a few that when broken down ( removal of all components ) and when the handguard was removed the barrel was covered in Cosmo. Is the Cosmo left for some reason or was that rifle jjst never taken apart and cleaned?
    I'm pretty certain the cosmo isn't original. One of my RC's had it, I'm pretty sure it was just a thing the russians did to help preserve it. Pretty sure they were coated in it for long term storage and externally wiped down before they were exported. The bolts on both of mine were full of the stuff.

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    I keep seeing rifles for sale that look dirty ( gunked up bolts/receivers/parts) is there a reason they are left this way? I'm not talking rust and wear on wood or metal.
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    agreed with all the above with one exception

    I do not believe in shooting matching collectible rifles/pistols of any kind, caliber or historical time period. that's what mis-matched/ reproduction firearms are for.

    but hey its your firearm

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