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WaA57 inside
Oiler with ayw 1941 very difficult to find
These Ky1941 kits with ayw letter coded parts are a clear evidence for the identification of the letters Ky as the Kyffhäuserhütte manufacturer. The ayw letter code was asigned to Aktien-Maschinenfabrik Kyffhäuserhütte in November of 1940.

Everything points that Kyffhäuserhütte in 1941 changed the Ky manufacturer stamp to the ayw letter code on the chain, tool and oiler, but never on the case. At some point in 1941, Kyffhäuserhütte ceased making complete kits but continued manufacturing parts. These Ky1941/awy1941 Rg´s seems to be assembled just after the change to the letter code was made (and just before of the stop of the manufacture of complete kits) or maybe using leftovers of cases with the Ky manufacture stamp. From 1941 Kyffhäuserhütte supplied parts to Braunsweigische Blechwarenfabrik G.m.b.H.