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Thread: Vampire night vision scope copy???

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    Default Vampire night vision scope copy???


    vampire experts

    I saw this ad this morning, thought I would bring it to those attention who know and study the German WW 2 vampire scope

    the ad below claims it is a czech copy made in the same factory.

    the ad say's comes from a old guy who did service in the czech forces in the 1950's, but the back of the unit is dated 1965

    your thoughts

    I checked Sturmgewehr the pictures are not even close but heck, maybe this a new variant!!!!
    looks more like a post war warsaw pact night vision unit

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    The Nachtsichtgerät NSP-2 was used by East German forces from the late 1950's/early 1960's until 1990. Allegedly also manufactured in East Germany as part of Warsaw pact production. Meant to be mounted on Dragunov and Kalashnikov.
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