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Thread: 1915 kar98 ww2 rebuild?

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    Default 1915 kar98 ww2 rebuild?

    I have a erfurt 1915 kar98. Has 1920 property stamp. Rifle has all matching #s on recever barrel ans even screws that mount rifle to thr stock. The stock has been changed and butt plate and swivels hahe same ser #. Ser num has been taken off the bolt anb another # penciled in all other markings on the bolt are imperial and still there. There is a 999 stamped on recever. I believe this is a unit marking for the 999th Africa. My question is has anyone ever seen this configuration before on the stock? Stock flitted at concentration camp by slave labor? Fitted with a kriegsmodell stock? Please help.

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    The sling fitting in the stock is French I believe.

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