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Thread: G98/40 barrel maeasument?

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    Default G98/40 barrel maeasument?

    Hi all

    I Finaly got my hands on a 42 G98/40 all matching. It also have original sigthhood and Cleaning rod and a sling i think is the original one.
    WaA 56 serial 3169 e.

    I will post picture an other time.

    Bore is nice and with sharpe lands and nice looking crown. no wisible troaterosion. ( some minor pitting in the bottom in the groves.)

    So I expect the riffle to shoot wel!! But it dit not.

    I have tried different ammo. From original german WW2 surplus to S&B and Prvi. and different handloads.

    I shoot at 200 m and hit the taget (normal 10 ring) all over (and some outside taget) with all ammo.

    Then I slug the rifflebore on the 98/40 and three om my well shooting K98K.

    And this is what it shows with micrometer:

    G98/40 :
    Owerall: 0.325,8 (full lengt to find min. dia.)
    6 Inch from Mussel 0.326,7.

    Over land: 0.314

    Three K98k's Overall:

    6 inch from Mussel 0.323,2 too 0323,4
    over land: avarage: 0.311,5

    So, is it possible that the barrel on this riffle, is made by reaming the camber to 7,92x57 from a 35M 8x56R barrel or simply made of raw barrel material in stock for 8X56 R?

    The reason I ask is that Prvi make 196 grain FMJ bullets for 8x56R in 0.327. But I dont know if I dare too try.
    I have made a 0.327 bullet and put it in a case. It will chamber fine with no resistans at all. Then I have expand the caseneck a little more until the bullet drop into the case with no resistans. Emty case still chamber without resistans.

    Anything from you experts? Or realoaders?

    Best regard


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    Bougt Prvi .327 bullets

    Shoot perfect

    Sight match poi


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