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Thread: Crazy pricing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1354 View Post
    Humpjob musikal chairs now thats a good one. But hey if these folks want too spend $2000 on pimped up crap that leaves more original rifles for us collectors that study and research.
    It is beyond my comprehension how someone can be so stupid (yes, stupid) to pay $2500 for a pimped ex-RC shinejob when for $1800-2000 they could get an exceptionally nice all matching K98k that will hold its value. That $2500 humpenstein "K98k" is worth no more than $500, so this is the intellectual equivalent of drawing $2k out of your bank in cash, putting it in your wallet, and then flushing it all down the loo.
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    Captain Spaulding's fried chicken and Original Mauser musical montage, here ye, hear ye, get in line and grab a seat. There is an ATM in the lobby, sweatly "un-gentle" Ben and the Captain have a limited supply and they will NOT last !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mowzerluvr View Post
    ..a limited supply and they will NOT last !!!
    Always! You know that has to be a part of the pitch... And yet they keep coming? Fresh out of some 'collection' Sadly he is right about them not lastlng
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    I wonder how people get to pay those $$$ without any research. Spend one day on this forum and you get yourself 3 nice non RC for same money.

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