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    Hello, I am looking for a nice byf (i dont care on the year) manufactured K98, I want one all matching in at least 80% bluing. Just wondering what I should expect to pay? Key things to look out for and the likes. Thank you for your inputs!

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    For a good, honest answer there is way too much to know for a short answer on it. If a person or shop knows what they have you can expect to pay at LEAST $1,500 for a matching, original example. As for what to look out for it's like asking "how do you rebuild an engine?" , way too much for a short answer. If the wood looks sanded, markings look freshly stamped, metal looks buffed, reblued, restamped, groung and numbered over. All signs of some kind of fraud. Best bet is to ask here. In the Nazi K98 section further down on the main page. Post photos if you can, what the seller told you, so on.

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