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Thread: Interesting reworked sight

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    Default Interesting reworked sight

    Thought this was pretty interesting with the mix of parts, found this entire rear sight. The sight base is Wa214. I have to wonder if this wasn’t done in Suhl with the 359 being stamped through the bluing, any thoughts? Even parts are interesting!

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    My guess would be a depot rework because of the force matching, odd fonts, and multiple unrelated inspection markings.
    WTB/WTT: (1)late E/H marked bcd stock either standard or semi-Kriegs; (2)unnumbered late MO Zf-41 stock, Kriegs or standard stock; (3)transitional late unnumbered type dot stock which uses bandspring and has bayo mount but no cleaning rod hole; (4)unnumbered byf standard stock as typically found on some byf 44 K and L block rifles; (5)unnumbered E/H bnz standard stock as typically found on bnz.4 and bnz 44 N, O, and P block rifles; (6)any bnz Kriegsmodell stock either with E/H or without

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