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Thread: Armorerís K98 parts find!

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    What a find! I love those triggers and sears, and the cocking pieces too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flynaked View Post
    Digging through some old stuff in boxes I pulled out a small box of parts and saw one S/42 marked sear and so threw the whole box in my purchase pile. Then later I was literally crawling on the floor to look under some dusty benches, crap piled everywhere, and pulled out a box and flipped it open, couldnít believe my eyes, NEW S/42 sling parts. Only when I got home did I come to find out that the entire little box I found earlier was full of armorer parts! Also among parts I bought that day were about 6 ďusedĒ armorer parts, numbered to rifles. I am not 100% positive on some of these unmarked components if they are indeed German or not. The large sling studs may not be, however in total I probably have 7 different variations of studs both in size/style and finish methods. One is flat new looking that is machined and blued, I believe it is an MP-40 stud. The small studs were definitely in the same small box with all the parts, but according to Bergflak these are gas mask sling studs, why would those be in with armorer parts? The bent ďLĒ tool I was believing might be a flaring tool for stock disc tubes as it fits perfectly inside of one and was in with the parts, but it has been suggested that it maybe a US tool. The item that has thrown me for the biggest loop is the slightly undersized frosch that doesnít have a sling loop and definitely looks to have been made this way, I canít for the life of me figure that one out. 90% of the parts are e63 with I believe one or two 655 parts, but there are also three BLM armorer parts in here which I was very happy to
    Man that undersized sling frosch without the loop is interesting! I'd love to hear any ideas as to what's up with that!

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