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Thread: Kar 98 AZ Police Sniper

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    Wolfgang in post 4 details what is known regarding police snipers, there is no reason to believe they used Kar.98a carbines when G98's were available. It is more likely they followed the example of the Army in sniper rifles, using G98 snipers before they took up the Kar.98b.

    However, below is the best evidence (credible) that the police did use the Kar.98a for a sniper rifle (Craig Brown from 2005):

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    The Police sniper K98a "red herring"?

    From 1 Nov 1999-31 Mar 2000 there was an exhibit: Handfeuerwaffen der deutschen Gendarmerie und Polizei des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts; a catalog was published with the subtitle: Katalog zur Sonderausstellung der Wehrtechnischen Studiensammlung des BWB, der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Polizeigeschichte e.V. und des Verbandes für Waffentechnik und -geschichte e.V. The catalog was published by the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung, Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, Koblenz, BRD. The author was Horst Friedrich and the editor Rolf Wirtgen of the WTS.

    A Police sniper K98a is described on p. 68 and illustrated in part on p.69. The optics are 4X Oigee; the maker and original date of manufacture are obstructed by the front sight base but a receiver permission stamp of 1920 is visible and there is another 1920 permission stamp on the butt. The SN is 6528ii; unit stamp is S.E.I.73. = Schutzpolizei Erfurt, Dienstort I, Waffe 73.

    Interestingly enough the accompanying text states that because of the low position of the inline scope a portion of the bolt handle has been milled out so that it will clear the optics on opening; the text cites
    a Reichswehr regulation of 4.2.1929 (Nr. 1278.29 Wehramt In 2 III) authorising a similar mofication for Reichswehr rifles.

    If anybody wants the full German text of the entry I will be pleased to supply it here.

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    I have been referred to that same information you use.Problem is the three examples that I have ever seen had all been terrible boogered fakes , and mismatch bitsers to boot. I'd like to believe...just have not seen one that would pass muster as of yet.

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    I would love to see a detailed photo analysis of this rifle.

    The only other one previously photographed here, passed off as a 98A Police sniper was an out and out humper as Bill notes - it was almost laughably poor in many respects.

    Unlike my good friend Bill, I'll keep an open, but doubtful mind until I see proof.

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    I don't know how we can get a direct look at the rifle unless we go to Germany. No detailed photo analysis published.
    I've seen the humpers, too, but then, I've seen plenty of the established snipers made up as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsne View Post
    Hi again

    Here are some picture.

    No stock markings found. Some kind of light wood with stain. Nice work but made out of something els.
    No matching bolt numbers. Handle brased on.

    No scope mount markings.

    So pictures of the rest:

    Hope somebody can use it

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to get the additional photos.

    Concerning the K98A police sniper mentioned in that exhibition catalog.
    Over here, it is generally assumed that the gun is a put together from period parts.
    I'll contact Mr. Friedrich, and maybe I can have a look at the rifle at our next gun show in Kassel.


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