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Thread: Tips on installing repro turret mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh172 View Post
    Hi guys!

    So the build has taken a new direction. The rifle I originally posted up top I sold because I couldn't drill an unaltered action.
    So, I found a decent Byf43 barreled action with 2 holes drilled at the rear right side for an old peep sight.

    Given this is a clone in every way the holes don't bother me. I will plug them and call it good.

    Now I am on the hunt for wood.

    Was there a preference between which colour glue laminate stock was used? I have a lead on a nice red glue built by Ce and need confirmation this is correct for my repro?

    Thanks guys and lets see more sniper pics!

    There was not color preference on the stocks. They used white and red glue as well as Walnut and a little Elm. The hand guard should match in color. A JPS stock is a little different than an MO, so you may want a MO? Good luck. Hope this helps.
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    Much appreciated thank you!!

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