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Thread: Spreewerk cyq "0" Series P-38

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    * Nice score Mike. Got me excited too when you mentioned a dealer w/ 20 P.38's setting up just prior to show opening. Sure wish that e/359 accepted high polish HP's condition was a bit stronger....I'd be a player for sure then.
    * +1 on not shooting your collectable zero. Not that it couldn't take a few rounds of white box w/ ease; but, there are just too many dippers and P-1's around for throwing lead down range.
    * Consider posting the pics over on the P38Forum. Eger (Dave S.) is a regular over there. He might pick up and wax eloquently on the questions you have posed...although the answers given here are pretty much on the mark of what is known. His book "The Wartime P.38 Pistols - Vol.3 the 1945 Military and Volkssturm Pistols" contains pictures of at least two late war cyq zero's (02998 & 04184). Labels them the Spreewerk Grottau Volkssturm Pistols. Opines they were built specifically for this armed civilian force. Since the Waffenamt inspection officer(s) did not approve these weapons for the military, the "U" was added as a secondary inspection (final buy-off) stamp.
    * The "B" marked mags are coveted by the p38 community as few are seen. There are also "A" marked ones in the same position as your "B" markings which are occasionally seen.
    * Did you see my e/140 "b" block Hi-Power I brought down to show Kelly?
    * Will check the stash for a late soft-shell PT.38.

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    OK, was able to pick this one up...

    Took it apart, it is all matching...locking block has a poorly stamped 972 on it, and has the thin blue....the pin is unfinished, as it should be.

    Locking block also has an E/88 stamp. Barrel is marked cyq, and has an E/88. Opposite side has Bi mark, and an asterisk, maybe a rejected part?

    Several other plain proofs scattered about.

    So it appears to be an original finish, all matching I am really happy!

    Actually here is the other "0" series they had out that another dealer snagged...pretty sure this one is an RC and dip blued. While I didn't know it at the time, while it "looked" nicer, I gravitated towards this one. The other one has some different "F" above the serial number, and the "u" stamps are in slightly different locations....
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