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Thread: RESEARCH PROJECT- Gl. V. Marked Rifles and M1916 Glasvisier Study

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    I made an attempt to win this one but was beat out. It's an interesting example considering the GPK marking and it's the new high number by about 70 scopes. Thus far the 'K' engraving has only been seen on the earliest scopes. I thought I saw a higher 'K' marked example a while ago but unfortunately I couldn't say for sure, nor could I adequately identify the serial number. Wolfgang, this too is marked with a 4. Of course, this gem once belonged to Craig Brown, no surprise given the quality and completeness of the rig.


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    Yes, I saw this one too at Amoskeag Auction. I watched it mainly for price reference. The K marking (clear not from factory!) made me wonder too, plus as you had pointed out, a new high serial.

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