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Thread: Flak 18 8.8 cm Xmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loewe View Post
    waffenamt e/81 is rather important to rifle research, an old Simson waffenamt and often seen at rifle factories for early production. Probably a trainer ordnance inspector? There are 3 or 4 of these "roving" inspectors, which was more common early on.

    Anyway, I try and trend waffenamts on weapons, Ken Huddle is working on a detailed study, or was, the more data available the better, especially for these lesser seen inspectors (ordnance on less accessible nature are more important, - we know rifle/small arms inspection thoroughly, the big stuff and ammunition often the most helpful due to the relative scarcity of observations.)
    If it would be helpful, I can start going through all my ordnance, and record WaA along with Maker Marks for everything...identifying the location of the maker and matching up with the WaA's might be helpful...and the Germans tended to mark every piece of ordnance, the case, the projectile, the fuze, and the quite a bit of info could be gleaned from each round...

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    Yes, waffenamt along with dates and ordnance code would be helpful. The item is also relevant of course.

    mainly keep in mind these things as you collect them, - I have learned over the last 20 plus years of researching and trending, it is rare for the effort to flesh out an extensive inventory to be justified, it can absorb massive amounts of time and ruin productivity focusing on a single project exclusively. I did a little of this for Mike and Bruce's book projects to flesh out a foundation of examples to come up with patterns, but generally I have a rule that when I want to know something or start a new project to just create spread sheets for that project and add new rifles as i come across them, - or if something justifies the effort, something unusual (new sub-contractor, a new waffenamt or deviation from normal) occurs then I may dig into earlier recordings to develop a firm or consistent pattern.

    The ultimate goal being to see what is normal (not necessarily without exception), which helps to determine a pattern, which helps to determine if a rifle is a restoration or just a deviation (one offs are not common for most maker-dates)

    Basically I mean do not spend a significant amount of time doing this, unless it interests you too. At one time every trend sheet I have started with "one" item.

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