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Thread: Simson 1925 dated goes cheap on GB

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    Default Simson 1925 dated goes cheap on GB

    I was surprised at the low ending price on an uncommon dated Simson with a good deal of matching parts....I wonder if the GEW marked side rail and/or duffle cut held this one back...Someone got a good deal...

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    I was suprised at that too. I expected it to climb at the end towards 1200 or so.

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    More likely the reworked nature of the rifle hurt its sale price. The stock is not factory (big issue), neither is the bolt, Rband, FP/follower. The rifle saw extensive work, probably around 1930, likely later.

    The price was softer than it should have been though, for one, this is a VERY early 1925, really it falls in the 1924 serial sequence (though few would know and fewer care..), the stock is period replaced and the barrel is factory which is a good thing. Someone got a good deal, but while these rifles are rare, they are only really desirable in original condition. 1924 & 1926 dated are rare, not 1925, they are very numerous (as far as 98b can be classified numerous) compared to every other Simson 98b variation, - they even out number the rather common e-f blocks in actual recordings (e-f blocks are especially common in upper grades, the only relatively "easy" 98b to get nice...)

    Most serious type collectors have a Simson/1925, what is hard is finding "ANY" 1924 or 1926, especially in upper grades (almost impossible).

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    Yeah, I had my eye on this and was surprised it stayed below 1k. If not for the holidays, I would've been very tempted though I totally missed that the stock wasn't original. In that case, things probably worked out for the best!

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