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Thread: V chr. Schilling, suhl 1915 exo 98. Mauser

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    Thumbs up V chr. Schilling, suhl 1915 exo 98. Mauser

    I know nothing about this weapon except it was used in WW1. I'm not a collector or dealer. Some one I know needed some money so I bought it for $75.00. I have no clue what Cal. it is or what. Does anyone know what the exo 98. stands for? I would appreciate any information anyone can give. If I'm wasting anyone's time let me know.


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    Well for starters any 1915 dated Gew98 are tough to find matching and they're pretty scarce in nice condition. Not to mention it's the first year of production for this Suhl manufacturer. Depending on the letter block and the serial number will give us an idea how early it is. But I will need to see pictures to determine what you have.

    And I don't think you need to worry about anything $75 is a steal for a rifle like this. You can't get an original muzzle cover for one of these rifles for that price let alone the rifle itself.

    But condition is everything and it needs to be in the original Imperial era configuration to justify the price to a collector. If it was reworked later on in life in the 20s or 30s price will not be the same as a factory original rifle. But those rifles can be interesting depending on who did the rework and what Depot did it.

    By the way I saw that this is your first post and you are a new member so just wanted to say welcome.
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    Welcome and please throw up some pics! He's right that you can't buy almost anything for $75 anymore. Slings are usually more than that so pretty much no matter what it is you made out.
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