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Thread: Grasoli KS98 Dress Bayo

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    Default Grasoli KS98 Dress Bayo

    Hi All - been away from the Forum for a while.
    Picked this nice Grasoli specimen a little while ago for a good price on the Bay.
    Unfortunately, it was damaged by our good old USPS during shipment - there were no signs of damage in the listing photos or description.
    But when it arrived (in bubble wrap and a flimsy envelope!) the grip was broken with 2 loose pieces, and the actual blade hilt was cracked all the way through from top to bottom!!
    Resolved it with the seller, but mostly sickened to think this piece of history was irreversibly damaged, after all it's probably been through in its past.
    The Post Office only would cover $50 on an insurance claim, but I would need to surrender the bayo to them permanently!
    See the damage (after my attempts to repair) in the last 3 photos.

    I hadn't even heard of the Grasoli manufacturer before, so I picked this up due to my assumed rarity.
    But I now see that they continued to make metal goods after the war in Solingen (cutting tools and otherwise).
    Anyone have any good history on the manufacturer, and if these bayonets were war-time or post-?

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    Damn, what a shame. I got a KS98 sent to me wrapped in bubble wrap and in one of those white postal envelopes. When I opened my mailbox and saw it stuffed in there I took a breath and thought "Oh shxt!" Fortunately it was ok except for one spot where the pommel took a small hit.
    I like the Grasoli mark, had never seen it before on a bayonet. There is a makers mark and distributors mark page at German Daggers dot com and it is listed there in makers section.
    " Hey, I got it from a long time dealer in Third Reich militaria years ago, so you know it`s real." Over heard comment at a table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BergerBoy View Post
    Anyone have any good history on the manufacturer, and if these bayonets were war-time or post-?
    Your bayonet is of original pre-May 1945 construction. Grasoli was a trademark used by the firm of Gebrüder Grah Odysseuswerk KG of Solingen. The Grasoli trademark was registered in 1912 and appears on many of their products. In 1949 the concern changed its name to Grasoli-Werk Gebrüder Grah. Hope this helps ....

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