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Thread: German Dagger Reference Books - Requesting Assistance

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    Default German Dagger Reference Books - Requesting Assistance

    Requesting assistance from anyone who might have either/both of these early German Edged Weapons reference books in their library (pics attached).

    - A Guide to Nazi Daggers, Swords, and Bayonets - Frederick J. Stephens (1965, Privately Published)

    - Daggers of the Third Reich A Collectors Handbook Volume 1 - John R. Ormsby Jr. (1971, Privately Published)

    These are both small format, pamphlets or paperback books. Looking for some very specific information on certain daggers (limited) and if they are included in these books. If you have either book and would be willing to assist, please send me a PM. OR respond below that you have the book(s) and I will contact you via PM. Many thanks in advance for any assistance .....
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