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Thread: Goerz Single Claw Scopes

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    Default Goerz Single Claw Scopes

    Since these scopes are rather rare to find, I thought I would do a high resolution comparison between a Prussian and a Bavarian contract C. P. Goerz Berlin scope on their own mount, which is named "Single Claw" in literature. This mount also served as licensed pattern for the Austrian WWI scope mount on the Mannlicher 1895 rifle and carbines, but was only used modified.

    Note the differences in the markings on the elevation adjustment. The Bavarian scope only came with matching numbers scope case (and the now very brittle eye cup and leather objective cover), therefore an additional picture showing the Bavarian scope with the scope case. Also note the Prussian version of the Goerz scope does NOT have the provision for the leather objective cover in the front scope ring.
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    Man those are cool, love the cases, thanks for sharing them!

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    yes very nice I have found 2 scopes but as usuall they are always missing the rings. I JUST missed the boat several years ago when I missed out on the repro ring sets that were available for a short time. That time must of been so short I never saw a single set on eBay or on the many searches on the internet to find the Italian gentleman who sold them. I am still looking for ring and bases and will probably be a life time to find a couple bits and pieces. nice examples according to your in both of mine are the Prussian 1-10 Dials.


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    Is that a scope you have in your pocket?
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    Very Nice grouping Georg . Not much else I can say about these as they are outside my collecting field . So I will not try to sound like I know anything about them because I do not . I do know they are hard to find in nice condition and with matching case extremely tough to find . Best Regards

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