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Thread: 2 MP44's just uncovered in Norway

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    Quote Originally Posted by mowzerluvr View Post
    I agree. Norway gave it's final amnesty for unregistered firearms last May. This guy had plenty of time to do so. It sealed the fate of these two.
    Mmmm, not to put too fine a point on it, but fuck registration, and fuck amnesty, and fuck socialist gun hating governments.

    NYS and the Baby Killer Cuomo passed its "Assault Weapons" registration scheme, and got less than 5% compliance...never register shit. It was such an embarrassment the state refused to release the numbers until sued under a FOIA request. Word has it Cuomo was enraged when he realized 95% of gun owners in NYS gave him the middle finger.

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    Collectors in New Zealand still import full auto guns,so if we can get them exported from Norway,i believe they could be sent here if the price was ok.There are 100/200+ mp44s in NZ[population 5 million] and the sell for around $4000 USD Most were imported from East Germany about 1970 He are 2 I have had lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitfighter View Post
    I'll take the blonde, you take the brunette.

    in college I always took the fat one, so we all got laid

    that stock looks awful clean both grips look real clean??? repro??


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    Were said to be all original, not sure as I know little about these guns. Did get word today they both have been fully demilled. But good news to those living in countries that CAN import these. There are a good many of these in Norway, legally registered and word is that they sell there for $2k-3k USD. as of now. Just need to find a source there or do some leg work to find one.

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